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Outlander Lifts the Kilt to Reveal a New Trailer at Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con saw the release of a brand new trailer for Outlander, the hotly anticipated new original series from STARZ premiering August 9th. If you haven’t yet seen the photos of troops of kilt-festooned men wandering San Diego, you can get an eyeful of Scottish fashion here:

Outlander is an adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s RITA Award winning novels that combine historic romance, fantasy, and adventure genres. They tell the story of Claire Randell, a married English nurse in 1945, who mysteriously slips through time to eighteenth century Scotland. From the looks of it, she falls quite immediately into life-threatening danger and must marry the dashing young Scottish warrior Jamie. As their feelings understandably deepen, she is torn between past, future, and the two husbands she loves.

The cast and crew, including executive producer Ronald D. Moore and series stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, have been making a splash at Comic-Con with appearances, panels, and events. Heughan even chronicled Friday’s festivities on the official Outlander Instagram account, and there are some quality moments of fun with his costars as they make the rounds. We’ve also heard that Comic-Con attendees are on the lookout for the kilted men of Outlander who are roaming the streets in search of photo opportunities. Perhaps Ron Moore will oblige?

For all of our Comic-Con coverage throughout the remainder of the weekend, be sure to check out the Nerdist SDCC splash page, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and use the hashtag #NerdistSDCC to catch up with us in real-time.

We can’t wait to see the damsels who don’t distress and real men who both wear and drop kilts in August. Will you be making room in your TV schedule for another attractive time-traveling Brit? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Jo Reynolds says:

    I am now on no 5 book 2 more before I need to purchase book no 8.Sometime since I read them,but thoroughly enjoying them. Will be so upset if we wont be able to watch the series here!

  2. John W says:

    Whether 1945 or in the 18th century, the modern commercial forestry behind them is a little incongruous!

  3. facebook_vicki.lantz.9 says:

    Since we don’t get Starz, I guess I’ll just have to start reading the series, then get the dvd set once it comes out.

  4. Occularus says:

    My wife is a huge fan of these books. She has watched Dr. Who and Sherlock with me. I think I owe her and will watch this with her.

  5. Lori T. says:

    I have been a fan of these books since the very (or verra) beginning and it looks like they really got it right for the series  – can’t wait!

  6. Kate says:

    Cannot wait for Outlander! The books are easily the best series I’ve ever read. Like ’em better than Game of Thrones and hoping the TV program is equally delightful.