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OUTCAST’s Cast and Crew on Beating up a Child, Exorcisms, and D&D

There aren’t many shows on television where you can seriously ask the adult actor in the lead role, “So how do you prepare yourself mentally to fight a child?” but Outcast is exactly that show.

So no, it should not come as a surprise that we really, really love this show.

The stars and creators of the scary and unsettling Cinemax horror series about demonic possession, currently airing its first superb season, joined our Dan Casey for a chat at Petco Park during Nerdist’s Camp Conival at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and besides learning about the hatred required to beat up a young boy, they also talked about filming exorcisms, what happens when you have to film multiple takes of “laying hands,” working with Brent Spiner, and why an on-set D&D game never got off the ground.

Dan was joined by stars Patrick Fugit, Wrenn Schmidt, Philip Glenister, and (possibly the coolest man alive) Reg E. Cathey, as well as writer Chris Black and Outcast creator Robert Kirkman.

While the show is based on Kirkman’s comic book of the same name (which we recommend just as much as the show), Cathey’s Chief Giles plays a much bigger role on the show than he does in the comic. “When Robert called me, he said, ‘Look man, the character’s not a lot in the comic, but I’m gonna hook you up,'” Cathey said, “He hooked a brother up and I am thrilled.” Needless to say so are we, because he is the best. We’d say that was a brilliant decision, but more–not less–Reg E. Cathey is a no-brainer, so how much praise does Kirkman really deserve?

We’re just joking, he deserves a ton, but, since he admitted the positive reviews are going to his head, we thought his wife would appreciate us trying to bring him down a notch. Although we do take serious issue with him not showing any love for D&D, and we strongly support any attempt Fugit makes to get a game off the ground while filming season two. It might be hard with the demands of filming a TV show, but after the insanity that is Outcast, it might be nice to enjoy the simple pleasures of killing some trolls.

They also had nothing but good things to say about Brent Spiner, who plays Sidney on the show. Considering the kind words they had to say about how sweet he is in real life, it makes his turn as the demon-possessed, fedora wearing character all the more impressive.

If you haven’t been watching Outcast‘s first season, or reading the comic, you are doing it all wrong. So make sure after you check out our interview here (which should also help you appreciate just how good their West Virginia accents on the show are, especially Philip Glenister’s), get watching and get reading, because not only do you want to find out all about that “tattoo,” you get to see a grown man beat up a child and feel good about it.

What’s been your favorite part of season one of Outcast? Don’t be scared to tell us in the comments below.

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