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Our Favorite STAR WARS Toys of 2014

No nerd franchise has proven as durable in toy stores as Star Wars, and 2014 saw another slew of galactic goodies we had to have in our collections. Check out some of our favorites below!

The Black Series Darth Vader Basic Figure (#26)

Darth Vader

Yes, there have been countless 3.75 inch Darth Vader figures produced since Kenner’s first hit the shelves in 1978, but the latest from Hasbro (taken from the final scenes of Revenge of the Sith, but we won’t hold that against it) is far and away the best yet. In addition to removable armor and a whopping twenty-six articulation points, it’s the first Vader in this scale to have a ball-jointed head. Which means he can feel the Force all around him!

The Black Series Stormtrooper Six Inch Figure (#09)

Black Series Stormtrooper

The Star Wars six-inch figures have been hit or miss thus far. The line is relatively new, so Hasbro’s still working out the kinks. The most perfectly realized figure in this scale, however, is the Stormtrooper, a retooled and repainted version of the line’s Sandtrooper. With twenty-three points of articulation and a shiny coat of white paint, you’ll want to add more than one to the ranks of your six-inch collection.

Lego Jawa Sandcrawler


At three hundred bucks, this Sandcrawler isn’t cheap. But for the Star Wars LEGO fan who has everything, it’s a must. Nice inches tall and eighteen inches long, it comes with seven minifigs, five droids.. and a whopping 3296 total pieces!

Carolers Stocking and Blue and Silver Tinsel Mini Christmas Tree

Star Wars Tree

Star Wars stocking

It might be debatable whether these two items can be categorized as toys, but there’s no doubt they’re everything you need to make your next holiday season as bright as the twin suns of Tatooine. The Star Warriors show their Christmas spirit on the stocking, from K-Mart (currently sold out, though sure to resurface on eBay), which looks like it borrows its singing Leia from her infamous vocal performance in the Star Wars Holiday Special. The 15-inch tabletop tree from Walmart uses some of classic Star Wars comic book artist Al Williamson’s iconic work.

Death Star Rug

Star Wars rug

Thinkgeek has long been a friend to every kind of fandom. But their latest Star Wars creation isn’t just an attractive decoration, this fifty-two-inch Death Star rug serves as a practical backdrop for your action figure and vehicle displays!

What were your fave Star Wars toys from 2014? Let us know below!

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  1. hetzeR says:

    toys? how do you play a stocking and a tree? 

  2. J. says:

    “Nice” inches tall?

  3. Anubis2705 says:

    What about the Darth Plaguies action-figure? I know, he never was in any of the movies, but … come on, he is the Emperor’s master.