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Our Favorite Andre Braugher Moments from BROOKLYN NINE-NINE Season Two (So Far)

With a well deserved golden globe win under its belt and a move to FOX’s prime Sunday night comedy slot, it’s hard to argue with the idea Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the best comedies on television. Every week, audiences tune in to witness the insane antics of the fictional NYPD precinct, but there’s one thing they, arguably, tune in for more than any other: Captain Holt.

From his impeccable dead pans to displays of supreme patience, Captain Holt is a true TV treasure. Now, with the holidays upon us, we decided to take a moment and compile a list of some of our favorite Holt moments from the the FOX comedy’s current season.

The following items are presented in the order they first appeared.

 The Meeting of Enemies

With a new season came a new enemy for Captain Holt: Deputy Chief Madeline Wunch. Since we first met the famed rival of our beloved police boss, it’s been nothing but a ride of humorous insults and extensive back-story. However, few come close to matching the beauty of Wunch’s first appearance, where Holt laid down the law with a “solid” line that set the stage for an epic battle. We have no doubt that battle’s far from over… even if the Giggle Pig Task Force did manage to bring down the organization responsible for the new street drug in the Christmas episode.

The Long Halloween Con

The rivalry that exists between Jake and Holt is one for the ages. Ever since he first took office, all Holt’s wanted to do is make Jake the outstanding detective he knows he can be. However, what the man soon realized is that Jake is a great detective. One so great, in fact, that he gets bored and must find ways to kill time, thus leading to his wild antics. That’s when the Captain realized the truth: he was going to have to play on Jake’s level in order to get through to him. However, none could have imagined the lengths he’d go to do so: planning his Halloween con a year in advance.

The Celebration

Captain Raymond Holt is a man of singular tone, singular emotion and singular being. This is a fact we’ve learned time and time again since the beginning of the series. However, on a rare, rare occasion, the head of the Nine-Nine sometimes lets his inner happy place slip out for all the world to see, but never has it come out in such glorious fashion like it did in the opening of episode 2×06. After learning he was right about the reason for Amy Santiago’s unusual tardiness, the captain produced a sound only trackers in the New York City wilds had heard before: the sound of a joyous Holt.

The Gym Ball


There’s really no other way to say this:

Holt + gym ball = instant gif.

This was one of the most subtly brilliant moments of the current season and is arguably on par with one of the all time greatest Captain Holt scenes in the show’s history – of course we refer to the time he held a puppy in each arm. Something about watching Andre Braugher bounce across the room just makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Now, just imagine if Jake had seen that. It may have caused a rip in the space time continuum.

The Emojis

There is something so simplistically great about Holt’s ignorance of emoji. While it seems like second nature now, we all can remember a time we first encountered a box with a question mark and thought, “what the f**k is that?” Then, the moment we solved the problem with a simple app download, we all also remember there was no turning back. In a perfect world, we can only hope that’s how things went for Holt after he too downloaded the emoji app in order to read his texts.

The Cook

Holt is not an elegant man, he’s a man of function and form. So when he asked Boyle to teach him how to cook in order to surprise his husband on their anniversary, we knew there’d be trouble. However, not even Boyle could have prepared for the Captain’s underdeveloped palette. We learn just how deep Holt’s food aversions go in a scene where he tries a piece of cheese before attempting to explain the philosophy of peanut butter and jelly. Though, it’s kind of hard to argue with his logic. What better reason is there to eat a PB&J than “it’s so simple to make, a child could do it?”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Sundays at 8:30/7:30c on Fox.

What are some of your favorite Holt moments? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Aaron says:

    Holt drawing out the word “Halloweeeeeeen” in the Long Con speech, made me do a double take.

  2. Colin Bisson says:

    I found the Razzmatazz bit pretty funny.

  3. Jeremy says:

    “You embarrassed yourSELF in front of Derek Jeter.” 

  4. Dwane says:

    you forgot the “are you ok” speech