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ORPHAN BLACK’s Projects Leda and Castor Meet in New Season 3 Clip

You know the old saying: never count your sestras before they hatch — or if, say, a plan has been hatched to capture one (or all) of you for seemingly nefarious reasons. Which is exactly why Project Castor clone, Rudy (a.k.a. Scarface) is so keen to let Sarah in on a little secret regarding her unconventional little family in this new clip from the season three premiere of Orphan Black. Gadzooks, nothing is going to go right here, is it?

Coming face-to-face with Ari Millen’s brotherhood like no other was the major reveal at the end of season two. But this clip does more than tease us his many faces, it also begs a lot of questions. Like: how does he know of Sarah Manning? And her family (including Felix, Mrs. S, and Kira)? How interconnected and aware are the male clones? What is this “good stuff” he so creepily speaks of, because it definitely has to do with more than just being creepy, right? And the way he laughed at the thought of Mark getting kicked in the face: was he amused or is that cackle indicating something far more sinister?

Oh, and WHY THE HECK IS DELPHINE THERE AND NOT IN GERMANY, HUH? What’s happening and why does she look so in charge? What does this mean for the Cophine shippers out there?

See what we mean? SO.MANY.QUESTIONS.

Thankfully they’ll all get answered (ha ha ha, who are we kidding?) when the series returns on Saturday, April 18 at 9PM on BBC America.

How PUMPED are you? Let us hear it in the comments.

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  1. Feo Amante says:

    This. THIS is what I’m waiting for!


  2. Donna Torchwood says:

    My birthday’s in June, I’ll take the Season 3 premiere as an early birthday present.