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Everything You Need to Throw an ORPHAN BLACK Clone Club Viewing Party

Everything You Need to Throw an ORPHAN BLACK Clone Club Viewing Party

This year has been a gift when it comes to television. With revivals and reboots—as well as returning shows—it’s hard to get off the couch these days. The best way to tackle all this great TV and still have a social life is with a viewing party, and with the return of Orphan Black no one would be more ready to chow down than clone sestra Helena.

The amount of food Tatiana Maslany has eaten while portraying Helena deserves a standing ovation. As much as it is appalling, she does it with such vigor it makes the viewer want to join in. Maybe not so much with the scorpion-eating, but in general? Helena’s voracious appetite is one to be lauded.


To start, set the mood with an ode to the season 2 finale by decorating your party area like Alison’s store/drug front Bubbles: pink decor, glittering crystals, and tiered displays. Then create a unique buffet for your viewing party with some of Helena’s more memorable meals. Gather all your sestras, it’s time to dig in!


Gelatin with Extra Sugar

Season 1 kicked it all off with Helena’s unforgettable appetite with a meal of red gelatin and a side of sugar, and I don’t just mean a spoonful—a full sugar shaker. Leave that on the side as most guests will be fine with the sugar content of regular gelatin.


Season 1 is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to great eating scenes. Looking for intel, Helena finds a muffin which is basically irresistible to anyone in an office environment. The way she scarfs down the pastry is impressive, in that it perfectly captures how I feel when I’m hangry.

Ketchup Packets

I wouldn’t normally advise putting out condiment packets with no accompanying party food, but this is a clone party and all decorum is off the table. Helena was desperate when it came to eating ketchup packets, hopefully your guests will be more satisfied with the other delicacies you have to offer.

Powdered Doughnuts

It’s not a party without doughnuts. (This will be etched on my tombstone.) Stack them high like a temple to be worshipped so that you can grab them quickly during commercial breaks. I’m with Helena on this one: “These, I like.”

Chicken Drumsticks

Probably the most normal and healthy of all of Helena’s eats, season 3 sees her digging into a chicken drumstick while imprisoned. There’s really nothing that Tatiana Maslany can’t eat well on camera, she has the ability to make everything look delicious (or, at least,  hilariously fun to eat).


Canned scorpions is an actual thing you can buy on the internet, but if you’d rather have a more palatable way of serving them—buy some scorpion lollipops. If you simply must have Helena’s spirit animal at the dinner party, this is a much sweeter alternative. These archanids are frozen in a sugary tomb and make for a fun party favor. Alas, poor Pupok.

Throwing a clone viewing party? Let us know in the comments and tag @nerdist and @justjenn on twitter to show us your party pics!

Supplies: Pink decor and crystals from Michael’s, scorpion lollipops from Amazon.

Images and GIFs: Jenn Fujikawa + BBC America

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