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ORPHAN BLACK Recap: “Governed As It Were By Chance” Clone Club Diaries

Wow. Well! I daresay that we can go ahead and call Sunday night’s Orphan Black a bombshell episode for Season 2. After last week’s “Mingling Its Own Nature With It,” there were more than enough questions that needed answering and crazy antics to last a lifetime. But, of course, the BBC America drama managed to bring us even more crazy during “Governed As It Were By Chance,” the fourth episode of the season. Man — when are we going to start getting some answers, eh?

The clones are falling deeper into the rabbit hole that is their mysterious origins (except for Alison: but that’s because she’s too much of a mess to hold on). With the revelation that Helena, too, can get pregnant following that gruesome-looking insemination/egg-stealing — like a cow! Because, y’know, she’s clearly just an animal ugh — the reasoning behind the cloning experiment that birthed them has had its floodgates opened. Regardless of why, the “what” of Project LEDA’s story has just gotten a heck of a lot more complicated.

And what does our sestrahood have to say about what happened in this episode? Plenty. Read on to check out the clone club diaries.

I’m on the bus back home. I’ve got things I need to figure out and it all starts with Mrs. S. I’ve got to figure out her deal. Why’s she lying to me? Why would she do that? What is she trying to hide? How much does she know about me and who and what I am? This is such bloody bullshit, all of it. Why is this my life?

Hopefully I can get what I need and get back up to Kira and Cal tonight like we planned. God I hate to leave monkey, but if I can leave her with anybody it’s surely her dad, innit? Which… speaking of. Cal. I don’t know what it is about him. Even when he was my mark, he always made it difficult. He always did and said things that…I don’t know. He’s just so…honest and no bullshit and so far and away removed from this shite life I’ve managed for myself. I hate to admit it but he makes me feel safe. OK maybe that’s all relative.

I will say this: the way he looked at me after I said it was the DYAD, it didn’t look wholly like he had no idea who they were. Jesus, I sound like bloody Alison.


Wow, wow. How do I even begin? There’s so much going on. Officially, no progress has been made in regards to the diagnosis of Jennifer Fitzsimmons’ polyps. In the case of my own prognosis… things have unfortunately gotten worse. Which! Is sort of scary to think about, and when you consider the fact that this mystery illness that’s already killed one of us and could likely kill me if I don’t figure it out soon has become my near-permanent thought, well, needless to say I was relieved to get a call from Sarah. I need something other than this Jennifer Fitzsimmons stuff to distract me and this Project LEDA stuff is exactly that.

It’s fascinating to think that this could all have military ties (I mean it does feel inherent given the whole “project” labeling. Plus that whole army guard in the background of that photo. So gruff!), and really, it also makes a lot of sense. It also points to something more ominous on the biologic front. If the story of Leda and Zeus (exchanging his god form for that of a swan) was chosen as the cover-name for this human cloning project, it seems to me that the point was, perhaps, not just to clone humans, but to clone something even grander or perhaps super-human. Or maybe, in cloning, they hoped to modify something in our biology. I mean, right now it’s all just a theory, but it would be interesting to compare the genomes of say, Sarah — someone we already know can have kids — and Alison — someone who 100% cannot — and see wherein lies the difference. I have to admit, the farther we dig the murkier the waters but I’m just glad we’re onto something really big here. I can just feel it.

Well this is the sort of indignity I never saw coming. (At least I was too out of it to remember the fall.) Rehab! Rehab. I… I know they said I had to have consented to this but there is just no way. No way! Donnie, Dr. Leekie — they all had something to do with it. They must have! It’s just the only reasonable option. They want to keep me here in this wayward home for drunks and drug addicts when I am clearly neither! I can stop any time I want. And I know that all addicts say that, but I just know I could if I wasn’t losing my mind. Things are just… so complicated right now. It’s such a relief to have Felix back in town. He’s such an unlikely comfort. And I suppose it makes sense to stay for a week — lord knows I could use the time to sleep and just relax — but if I’m being honest, I’m scared because of how it looks if I stay. Am I one of these people? Do I belong here?

I mean, I couldn’t possibly be. Deep down I know I’m not. But it’s just so enraging to feel so out of control of your own life and choices. And to be so isolated from Cosima and Sarah, I admit, exacerbates that feeling. I hate to not know what’s going on, as much as I want to be removed from… all of that nonsense. Golly I just have so many contradicting feelings about everything! It’s exhausting! I’ll tell you one thing, though: I am only staying in this rehab facility for as long as is necessary and then I’m cutting myself free. I’m better than this, and certainly not made for a place so… unbecoming!
I have escaped. After red one try to kill me I do the same and flee. I ended up at mother’s house. I went sleeping and eating but I am still scared and tired. After cowboy marry me he… took something from me. Inside it feels different. I think seestra is leaving. She is upstairs with the tall friend. I don’t want to be alone. I think I will follow.

Theories, Thoughts, and Things:
– Guess we know who’s going to win Mother of the Year in 2015!
– Kira might literally be the most adorable little girl on TV.
– Alison: REHAB. GOOD. STAY. PLEASE. Lawd she’s such a mess.
– I am SO worried about Art now that he’s clearly going to be on the Prolethean hitlist.
– But I was also, for a second, pretty mad at him for not running after Helena and helping her.
– He got a pass by delaying and majorly foiling the Proletheans’ plans to bring her back to the creepy compound.
– Anyone else sort of wish Gracie had died then? Because ugh, Gracie. So annoying and superfluous.
– Cosima really does need to get out of that lab and away from the Jennifer Fitzsimmons stuff. It just doesn’t seem healthy — mentally or physically speaking.
– Also did not miss Hot Paul at all this week or last. Sorry, Dylan Bruce, but it might be time for you to go.
– Did Cal look like he knew of the DYAD? Because the conspiracy theorist in me felt like maybe he did.
– Something tells me the Duncans are actually Sarah and Helena’s parents, but when they were hidden away by Amelia, they gave ’em Rachel Duncan instead.
– Also WHY IS RACHEL? She clearly was hugged enough as a child, but she’s cold as ice. There’s something more there.
– Um… Did Carlton call Mrs. S ALMA? Is that her real name?
– What is this “world of shit [that’s] gonna unravel” if Sarah keeps digging?
– Favorite Felix Line of the Night: “Transgressive lesbian geek spiral that’s bound to end in tears.”

What did you think of this week’s revelations? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. boB says:

    But… she has bangs!  But… she doesn’t have bangs!  But… she’s blonde!  But… she’s not blonde!  This show really keeps me guessing. 😉

    Best episode of the season so far.  This show just gets darker and darker.