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ORPHAN BLACK Has a New [SPOILER] We Need to Worry About

Alright, sheeple: if you don’t want to know a lick about the upcoming fourth season of Orphan Black, may we seconds kindly baaa-cking away from this post? Not only will you avoid more terrible puns like that, but also a pretty big spoiler. But if you’re somehow convinced by that veritable livestock of wordplay, continue on.

Well, that didn’t take long. We’re still a solid 4 months out from the April 2016 premiere of BBC America’s Orphan Black and we’ve already got a pretty major new bombshell on our hands: we’re getting a new clone. I mean, yes, we’ve gotten new ones before—this is the Tatiana Maslany parade we’re talking about—but it’s still so early! Which means she has got to be a major force in season four, right? All signs point to as much by the sounds of the interview Entertainment Weekly did with co-creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett. It even had two images of M.K., as she is so named, to go along with it. Can ewe even believe it?!


(Baa-ha! Get all those sheep puns before? Dolly the lamb? All comin’ together for ya?)

Fawcett called her a “slightly traumatized clone” with “a deep past” who was “very elusive.” Manson added that “she’s a slippery character” and that M.K. “comes out of the shadows and … knows more than us” and has “more answers.” Which, I mean, can we just speculate on that one a little bit? (How could we not?)

If I were a betting woman (and I’m not, like at all, but stay with me), I’d bet M.K. was the person who helped Beth Childs get her information. (Krystal had that Castor notebook in her purse, so I’m doubtful it’s her. Tony, I’ll concede, is a maybe.) Fawcett did refer to M.K. as “almost kind of like a Deep Throat kind of character,” and well—police and a character he compares to an informant? I mean, c’mon, the speculation practically writes itself. Cops always need a source. If M.K.’s a self-aware clone, it makes sense that she’d be traumatized. And is there a bigger white whale for the clones right now than to take down the shiftiest, shadiest group of them all, the Neolutionists? After all, they did leave quiiiite the impression as to their importance in the upcoming season at the end of the last finale.


But what do ewe (sorry, can’t help it) all think? Pose your theories in the comments below, or hit us all up on Twitter. After all, Team Nerdist is totally Team Clone Club.

HT: Entertainment Weekly
Image Credits: Entertainment Weekly/BBC America; IDW Comics

Alicia Lutes is the Managing Editor of The Nerdist and frequent rabbit hole fall-downer. Find her going overboard on Twitter (@alicialutes) if you’re into that sort of thing. 

And while you’re at it, check out Alicia’s interview with the cast of Orphan Black from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con:

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