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Win a Chance to Hodor with Hodor on the GAME OF THRONES Set

This time two years ago we were all “No Hodor? OH NODOR!” when the news broke that our beloved gentle giant would not see any screen time in season five of Game of Thrones. But now it seems an embarrassment of Hodorific riches is coming our way in season six, if the latest Omaze campaign is any indication. Better start brushing up on Hodorese if you want any chance of communicating your excitement about their latest exciting charity explosion—or understanding what the heck it’s all about.

If you head over to the site through this amazing link (and trust us, you want to), you’ll be taken to a page that spells it all out pretty plainly. When you Hodor with Hodor all the way over in Hodor, you’ll get the most Hodor-ian experience for which anyone in the Seven Kingdoms could ask. Don’t worry, we can translate.


Here’s the real, actual deal: Game of Thrones has partnered with Omaze to offer the chance visit the Northern Ireland set of the series when it goes into production on season seven, meet the cast, visit the armory and costume departments, AND sit on the actual goddamn Iron Throne in support of the (RED) campaign.

Based on what sort of sweet, sweet, swag you purchase—everything from Funko dolls to autographed posters to replica maps and t-shirts—you’re offered a certain number of chances to enter the contest. So what are you still doing here? Why haven’t you entered yet? THERE’S ONLY SO MUCH HODOR TO GO AROUND, Y’KNOW?


Are you going to enter the contest? Let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: HBO; Omaze

Alicia Lutes is the Managing Editor of The Nerdist and really, really, really wishes she could win this damn thing. Find her on Twitter (@alicialutes).

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