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Old Video Games, George C. Scott, and Sparing You My Angst: What We Learned At Nerdist This Week

Ah, geez, well, I wrote a long screed about a particular problem I had while here in Minneapolis for this radio conference, and I finished it and read it back and realized, you know, this is self-indulgent whining.

That would normally have qualified it for one of my weekend wrapups — I’m not much without the self-indulgent whining — but it was just grating, and I didn’t want to put you through it. Also, I just want the day to wrap up so I can forget everything that happened, so let’s just go right to what happened this week at Nerdist:

1. The week started early with Matt’s final space shuttle post. I think we can all agree that a) it was awesome, b) Matt was awesome, and c) Matt really should write more here.

2. Kyle had his review of the opening episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day, which raises the question, “WHY IS NOBODY DYING?!?” All, I suppose, will be revealed.

3. Anjeanette posted the story of the woman who is using her dead son’s sperm to make a grandchild, and you debated the implications while I thought that “Dead Son’s Sperm” would make a great title for something.

4. A lot of you were impressed by the first full trailer for The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. I’m still a little put off by the Thompson Twins and Captain Haddock in 3-D CGI, not to mention Tintin’s hair.

5. Kyle alerted us to a Matt Smith and Karen Gillan DVD signing in L.A. and suggested some cool-themed movies to help you get through a sweltering Summer. He forgot Ice Station Zebra.

6. Peter Jackson was back to tease us with another production video from The Hobbit. This will go on all the way until December 2012, so get used to it.

7. Kyle ranted about the news that a Space Invaders movie is in the works. Where’s the Dig Dug movie?

8. Podcast: Neil Gaiman. Just great.

9. Jon Trainor debuted his Investing for Nerds column, because being a nerd can help you make money. There’ll be more.

10. Matthew B. posted a video of an impromptu interview with video game voice actor Carlos Ferro (among other characters, Dom in the Gears of War series.

11. Ted took us on a tour of The Wire‘s Baltimore. It’s definitely not where tourists go.

12. Chris posed with Sara Underwood, who was dressed as Ulala from the old Space Channel 5. Chris was dressed as Chris in a Suit, his popular character from, um, I don’t know. Quite natty, though.

13. Mindy showed you how to make your own space shuttle. No, not a real space shuttle. Although how cool would THAT be?

14. With the first show sold out, Chris added a second Nerdist Podcast show during Comic-Con in San Diego, a late show the same night (July 23rd). And then Chris revealed that Kevin Pereira would be the first guest for the late show, and he posted some great poster art for the show by Dana Lechtenberg, although Matt appears to be wearing underwear on his head.

15. Danny found a Google+ Cheat Sheet to help you figure it out. Several Nerdist folks are on Google+, by the way. None of us know exactly what we’re doing there, either, but we’ll get the hang of it.

16. Adam Sandler’s new cross-dressin’ comedy Jack and Jill got its trailer mashed up with an agonized George C. Scott in clips from the movie Hardcore (with a cameo by Peter Boyle), and the result was far funnier than Jack and Jill is likely to be.

17. Ted asked you who you think is the funniest man on TV. And then he asked who the funniest woman on TV would be. I expect him to come up with Funniest Dog, Funniest Fish, and Funniest Inanimate Object soon.

18. A “Harry Potter World Cup” competition was won by Snape, named Best Character Ever. You had your own choices.

19. Count Nicole among the upset customers as Netflix changed its pricing and separated DVD-by-mail from streaming. She was not alone. She also picked some of her favorite schlocky Netflix Instant choices for your viewing pleasure.

20. Wanna win a Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak? GeekChicDaily is having a giveaway. It doesn’t really make you invisible.

21. A movie opened. Everyone rushed to see it. Pottermania is in full effect.

22. Ted alerted us to the first picture emerging from the Colin Farrell remake of Total Recall. He’s no Arnold. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, is it?

23. Hey, we got ourselves a new podcast! Meet the Indoor Kids, Ali Baker and Kumail Nanjiani, talkin’ video games with guest Steve Agee, brought to you by Nerdist podcast producer Katie Levine — let’s give ’em all a big hand and subscribe immediately!

And we’ve reached the weekend, so go see Harry Potter and the End of the Enormous Money-Making Franchise, Part 2, relax, and enjoy your burrito. I got nothing else right now.

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  1. alan says:

    You know if you take the h in whining and cut its dick off and shove it next to the n it becomes winning. This is what I learned from LetterMan on the Electric Company. Thank you Joan Rivers.