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If you don’t know about Josh Gad, what’s wrong with you, you dumb sack of butts? Didn’t you see The Rocker? Oh, yeah. Sorry. Nobody did. That still makes you stupid, though. That movie is hilarious! You should have seen it. Not just for Rainn Wilson or Jeff Garlin, but also (a BIG also) for Josh Gad. He has been my favorite up and coming comedic actor for awhile now. I assume he’ll explode after his run with The Book of Mormon. 

Perhaps you’re mad at me for calling you stupid for not knowing who he is. Fair enough. I’m sorry. I get heated easily. Perhaps now you’re saying to yourself, “Thanks for apologizing. I feel like we’re friends now.” You’re totally correct. We are friends now. As your friend, I know that you may not get the chance to see The Book of Mormon, but still want to see why I think Josh Gad is so funny. I’ve got you’re back. Let me share with you a BRILLIANT web series he’s in called Gigi: Almost American. He plays Gigi, an ambiguously foreign man placed in silent film-esque premises. It has made me cry laughing multiple times.

This is the first episode called “Speak Learn English.” I highly suggest watching all sixteen episodes. My favorite is “Gigi Sings for Gigi.” Enjoy!


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  1. Kiala Kazebee says:


    WITH YOUR MOM. *hugs*

  2. Wade says:

    The Rocker was a piece of shit. Not funny at all.

  3. Gully Foyle says:

    Don’t feel back Fia. The tone was set when Matt wrote “I’ve got you’re back”. It’s all gravy after that. I for one hadn’t seen these, so thanks Mr. Burnside!

  4. Matthew Burnside says:

    @Kiala Take a nap.

    @Fia Don’t worry about it. All that matters is that you pull a muscle in your jaw laughing, like I did.

  5. Fia Fortune says:

    I love it when I edit a comment before posting, and leave a really dumb sentence fragment referring to a deleted part of the comment, and feel like an idiot when I read my comment later. *facepalm* Now, if only I could remember what it was that the “that said” referred to. It’s officially a flake day for me.

  6. Fia Fortune says:

    That said, thank you for helping me finally make the connection between a movie I saw only because Vik Sahay had a bit role in it, and the nagging feeling that I knew Elder Arnold Cunningham from *somewhere*.

  7. Kiala Kazebee says:

    DUDE. OLD HAT. <------I am being a jerky internet commenter. But seriously...a little old hat. (I'm just being an ass....I love these. ) AND HAVE FOR LIKE FOREVER. God, sorry! I can't stop it.

  8. Robin Burks says:

    I must be awesome because I loved “The Rocker” and Josh Gad. However, I did not know about this web series, but will check it out asap.