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Oh, Right, The ‘Dark Shadows’ Trailer. Here

While I was out late Thursday, Warner Bros. released (on the Ellen DeGeneres show) the trailer for Tim Burton’s jokey take on Dark Shadows, with Johnny Depp assuming the Barnabas Collins role and Seth Grahame-Smith of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter fame writing the screenplay. The movie has Barnabas the vampire buried alive in the 1700s and being unearthed in 1972, joining his dysfunctional descendants.

I’m not sure about this one, because the beauty of the original is that it didn’t know it was funny. It was campy and goofy and boom mics kept appearing on camera and the sets were cheap and lines were fumbled. This movie amps up the comedy aspects, which may or may not work. It’s hard to beat unintentional humor, unless the movie has stagehands visible in the background of scenes, too.

HT: /Film

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  1. Microphoneyo says:

    It’s Austin Powers meets Edward Scissorhands. Do we really need this? It’s related to the show in name only. Why must they ruin everything from the past?!

  2. calvinorion says:

    This trailer made me chuckle quite a bit as well. It looks Burton is displaying a kooky sense of humor that he hasn’t shown since Beetlejuice. I think it’s a winner.

  3. facepalm says:

    * to swoon over* I meant to say.

  4. facepalm says:

    Great, another vampire movie with a handsome lead actor for chicks to soon over. Only a matter of time until a zombies verses the vampires movie comes out some day. Two hot horror crazes in one.

  5. Abbey says:

    I think it will be worth at least one watch. The trailer did make me giggle here and there.

  6. Lee says:

    Never saw the original and I thought John Carter was great. This looks pretty good.

  7. CarrieC says:

    I would watch that over John Carter any day.

  8. joecuffe says:

    I don’t know. Originally, I wasn’t too excited about this. I wasn’t a fan of the original, or the revamp with Ben Cross. However, the trailer did make me chuckle a bit, so it might be something to take the wife to some lazy sunday. I’ll reserve judgement until more about the movie is revealed.

  9. Johnny J says:

    A few years back I’d have been pretty excited about this, but the “Johnny Depp + Helana Bonham Carter” formula is starting to get a little tired.

    But who knows, maybe this will be the new Edward Scissorhands we’ve been waiting for…?