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Oh My Glob! ADVENTURE TIME Movie Being Developed by Warner Bros.

What started as an animated internet short by creator Pendleton Ward, Adventure Time has become the most popular, and one of the most successful, animated shows on Cartoon Network. Now it’s getting a movie.

The show, as if anyone on this site doesn’t know, follows the adventures of 12-year-old Finn, the last human, and his friend Jake, a magical dog. The two bros use both brains and brawn as they protect the Land of Ooo from the likes of The Ice King, on his constant search for a princess to marry, and deal with the trials and tribulations of an everyday life. The show quickly became a phenomenon that knew no age limit and has attracted guest spots from such talents as Mark Hamill, Neil Patrick Harris, George Takei, and Andy Samberg.

Warner Bros. has announced that they have reached a deal with Cartoon Network Studios to bring Finn, Jake, Bubblegum Princess, and the rest of the gang to the big screen. The film will be produced by Chris McKay and Roy Lee. McKay was one of the producers of last year’s Box Office giant, The LEGO Movie, and will also be directing The LEGO Batman Movie that is currently in production. Lee is also currently one of the producers on The LEGO Batman Movie.

Cartoon Network Studios and Pendleton Ward will be involved in the production, with Ward involved in both producing and writing the film. It is not yet confirmed if Ward will be the sole writer or if he will just be part of the writing process.


With the LEGO guys joining forces with the Adventure Time team, we can only expect a movie to end all movies forever as we know it…or at least one that the internet will lose its collective mind over.

So, are you losing your mind? Let us know in the comments below, or fangirl with me on Twitter, @MattDelhauer.

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    Losing my mind over the white space between Jake’s legs (banner). Otherwise, I’m pretty excited.

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    Losing my mind looking at the white space between Jake’s legs.

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    Oh my glob! This is totally math! I can’t wait

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