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Now You Can Have Your Very Own MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO Umbrella

Most every nerd these days knows a Studio Ghibli fan. If you yourself aren’t one, then chances are you have a friend who melts at the sight of Totoro or No-Face. But what do you get the Ghibli fan who has every pencil case, lunchbox, t-shirt, and stuffed toy? How about a Studio Ghibli umbrella? Ah, but these are no ordinary umbrellas.

Like most of Ghibli’s films, especially those of the studio’s greatest director, Hayao Miyazaki, these umbrellas have some very special surprises built into them. For when they get wet, they reveal a plethora of hidden images and patterns. The My Neighbor Totoro umbrella, for example, is embroidered with the film’s titular forest creature. But sprinkle it with raindrops (preferably while waiting for your local Catbus to pick you up), and it is suddenly adorned with many Totoros, as well as plenty of clovers.

Totoro 1

Totoro 2

The Spirited Away umbrella is emblazoned with an embroidered No-Face. And when this umbrella gets wet, get ready for lots and lots of No-Faces to appear, along with a great many Radish Spirits and Susuwatari images.

Spirited Away 1

Spirited Away 2

Each of these Studio Ghibli umbrellas features twenty-eight spokes, comes with a matching cover, and will soon be sold in Studio Ghibli’s home country of Japan for a mere three-thousand-five-hundred yen (about twenty-eight dollars). Currently, they’re only available via Japanese retailers, and if you can read their site, you can pre-order them.

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