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Now That HULU’s Streaming PARTY DOWN, We Are Having Fun Yet, Finally!

Sound the alarm, plan a party, and call your favorite cater waiters because oh my goodness one of the best comedies in recent years, Starz‘s Party Down has brokered itself an online presence on Hulu. Yes, we are — at LONG LAST — having fun, uh, yet.

Starting on Friday, August 29th (that’s SO soon holy cats!), every single episodes of the two-seasoned Party Down will be available to stream exclusively on Hulu Plus. For those of you without the funding (or commitment to hilarity, whatever, no judgement), the first five episodes will be available for a limited time on the free side of the site, regular ol’

For those of you out there somehow unaware of the glory that was Party Down, the show followed several apathetic but totally erratic cater waiters in Los Angeles as they plan a bunch of parties for famous people and other richie-rich types that they, ostensibly will never be — despite their aspirations to the contrary. And on top of that the cast is a veritable smorgasbord of hilarious and incredibly talented people like Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex), Jane Lynch (Glee), Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation, the very center part of my heart), Ken Marino (from so MANY good things it’s hard to know where to start), Ryan Hansen (Veronica Mars), Martin Starr (Silicon Valley) and the indomitable Megan Mullally.

So — on a scale of one to OHMAHGAH — just how excited are you for this new development? And just how likely, now, do we think a third season of Party Down might be? Because hoo lawd what we wouldn’t do for another. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Image: Starz

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  1. DanielJeyn says:

    It was on streaming on Netflix for a while.  And I didn’t have to sit through any commercials.

  2. Party down should have never ended. 

    • bastien says:

      As much as I enjoyed Party Down, if it hadn’t ended, we never would have gotten Ben Wyatt.

      • mt says:

        every time i see parks and rec, it makes me miss party down.  they’re really not in the same league…