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Nooo! Great White Shark Breaks Through Cage with Diver Inside

We know Quint didn’t make it back to shore alive and Hooper did, but Quint still ended up being right about the whole shark cage thing in Jaws. The water is where the sharks live, and putting up a little steel cage as a barrier against them, in their own home, doesn’t seem all that safe to those of us that find the ocean terrifying.



Oh god we’re sorry to even bring you this video of a great white shark breaking right through a cage with a scuba diver inside, because it is a real life horror flick, one that we first saw at Sploid (posted to YouTube by the channel Gabe and Garrett), but somehow it feels like we must, since all we can think about while watching it is Quint’s smirk at Hooper’s plan.

We know that despite how they are portrayed in movies, that humans pose a far, far, far greater risk to sharks than they do to us, but being locked under water in a cage with a great white seems like a fairly bad situation for our species.

Fortunately for the diver inside, who was experienced enough to stay calm (HOW!) during the entire awful encounter, the people on the boat quickly sprung into action, opening the top of the cage so the shark could get out. Because if they hadn’t, it might be a little song that Quint sang that we’d be thinking about right now instead.

Farewell and adieu
to you fair Spanish ladies.
Farewell and adieu,
you ladies of Spain.
For we’ve received orders for to sail back to Boston.
And so nevermore shall we see you again.

Is this the scariest video you’ve ever seen? Or the scariest video anyone has ever seen? Swim into the comments below to tell us what you thought of this horror movie.

Images: Gabe and Garrett

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