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Nintendo’s New 2DS Designs Are A Throwback To the ’90s

Calling all 90’s kids! Remember back in the good old days when you were the cool kid on the block if you got your hands on something made of clear plastic? Companies produced everything from blow up furniture, to backpacks and even see-through shoes. Probably one of the most memorable companies that followed this trend however, was Nintendo with their translucent Gameboys and Nintendo 64s.

Well, it looks like Nintendo is back at it again as they’ve just revealed two brand new 2DS handhelds that are sure to appeal to the kid in us all. The “Crystal Red” and “Crystal Blue” editions of the 2DS will be shipping alongside the new Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire titles November 21st in both North America and Europe and will retail for $99.99. Why they didn’t name the handhelds “Ruby” and “Sapphire” is a mystery, especially since they clearly (get it?) resemble the two jewel tones.

Get a load of the box art for the red limited edition system:

nintendo 2ds box

If you’ll recall, the two handhelds were revealed back in late September by Nintendo of Europe as part of a Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire bundle. Rumors that the systems would be making it over the pond were finally confirmed by Nintendo of America today. Unfortunately for us non-Europeans, it looks like we’ll have to buy the systems and games separately as there is no mention of a bundle in the states.

Is the nostalgia factor strong enough to convince you to snag one of these handhelds, or do you think Ninty is bananas for creating so many versions of the popular 3DS and 2DS? Let us know in the comments below or hit me up on twitter: @sam3214.

Images: Nintendo

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  1. Will says:

    Is it sad that I still own my Clear Pink Game Boy Color?

    • Wyatt says:

      God No…. I still got my Clear Orange 64!!

    • Ryan says:

      I still have my own Clear Purple GBC! Still play it occasionally too!

      I hope they do this for future systems. I don’t think getting a 2DS is worth it when I already have a perfectly good 3DS – but this was by far my favorite of Nintendo’s design aesthetics, and I want more!

    • Samantha Sofka says:

      Of course not. I still have my pink Gameboy Advance!