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Here’s Everything Coming to the Nintendo Switch

(Updating Live)

Every year at E3, amid all the announcements for new and exciting games coming to various systems, we’re usually most interested in the fun and color coming at us from Nintendo. We were especially stoked for this year’s slate, considering the Nintendo Switch, and its launch title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, were among our favorite things of 2016. But would Nintendo be able to do more than just give us a snazzy Zelda machine?

There’s already been an announcement of a new Mario title, and on Tuesday morning, Nintendo didn’t disappoint, giving us a whole slew of other titles. Here are the new games and announcements coming at us for the Switch in the coming months.

Super Mario Odyssey

Mario’s hat is definitely haunted by a spooky ghost, and we could not be more excited to possess all manner of creatures with it in Super Mario Odyssey.


One of the most beloved platformers of all time, Kirby is back, this time on the go-anywhere Switch. Looks like all the great float-around-and-inhale-stuff action we’ve come to expect from the franchise, but with Switch’s variety of beautiful visuals.


Can’t wait for another great platformer, this time featuring a (strangely furry) shoe-wearing dinosaur. Another hero whose power comes from eating stuff. Hmm…

Metroid Prime 4

This one’s not coming at us for awhile, but a new Metroid game is in development. Can we hope for an open-world style dark sci-fi adventure with Samus and her usual band of badassery?

Link in Skyrim

This is just a pretty cool thing. You can put on a Breath of the Wild Link skin and Master Sword for Skyrim. If you’re still playing that.

New Pokemon

And one of the coolest and best things to come out of E3: there’s going to be a brand new core Pokemon game for the Switch!! Absolutely no other news yet, but what’s a new Nintendo system without a Pokemon game.

So, it seems pretty clear Nintendo listened to concerns about Switch being limited to an admittedly wonderful Zelda game and have responded with a new entry of pretty much all of their most beloved AAA properties.

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