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Nintendo Reveals Release Date, Price, and Details for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Reveals Release Date, Price, and Details for Nintendo Switch

Finally! After months of waiting, we finally know how much Nintendo’s highly anticipated hybrid console is going to cost us, as well as when it will finally land on shelves around the globe. During the official Nintendo Switch Presentation this evening, the Japanese conglomerate revealed that the Nintendo Switch will launch worldwide on March 3, 2017 for $299–which lands on the higher end of the rumored $250-$300 price range we discussed this morning. The company is also tossing aside region locking, which means games from any region will work on any console. Rejoice! Letsa get to the details, shall we?

Towards the end of the keynote address, the company announced the following components would come in the box: the console, two Joy-Con controllers (in either gray, or Neon Red and Neon Blue), the Joy-Con grip, the console doc, an HDMI cable, and an AC adapter. The pro-controller shown off during the show will be available separately. Before diving into the games that are headed to the Switch, the publisher spent a lot of time explaining the mysterious Joy-Con controllers, and how they work. Check out the detailed image below for a closer look:

Once detached from the console, the Joy-Con controllers function on their own as individual controllers. They support motion controls as well as HD rumble, and can be used without a television screen. To demonstrate the features, Nintendo showed off a mini-game collection called 1-2 Switch. Instead of looking at a screen, players are encouraged to look at each other.

Nintendo also shared a few details about the online service that will be available with the Switch. According to the presentation, a limited version of the service will be available for via a free trial on launch, but will require a paid subscription starting in fall 2017. While they did not reveal how much the subscription will cost, they did detail a few of the features. During Summer 2017, a compatible smartphone app will allow players to connect to the online service, invite friends for play sessions, and chat with friends using the app. Additionally, subscribers will reportedly score free games each month.

Stay tuned for additional updates about the Nintendo Switch!

Will you be grabbing the Nintendo Switch when it launches on March 3? What do you think of the Joy-Con controllers? Let us know in the comments below, join the conversation on Facebook, or start one with me on Twitter: @Samantha_Sofka.

Images: Nintendo

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