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NINJA TURTLES, INTERSTELLAR and the Best From the Paramount Panel!

Good morning, Day 2! It’s today’s first dose of Comic-Con Nerdist News. Apply liberally.

First up was Paramount Pictures’ Hall H panel, the first of the major studio presentations this year, which featured some tubular Ninja Turtles action! Then Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey gave us a glimpse of the galaxy we’ll be traveling to in Interstellar… there may have been something from “out of this world” (wink). And of course, we got updates from CM Punk about his favorite Comic-Con booth. (If you want to buy CM Punk’s favorite piece of art, click here.)

Thanks for watching, guys! We’ll be back this afternoon with more Nerdist News for Day 2. In the meantime, tell us what your take on that Interstellar footage was! Where do you think Nolan’s taking us?

I’ll tell you where Nerdist is taking you: to the moon with our Borderlands: The Presequel themed Laser Tag. You know you want to do it. Follow us @NerdistDotCom on Twitter and Instagram for more up-to-the-minute coverage using #NerdistSDCC!

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  1. Jamie Martin says:

    The CM Punk bits are cracking me up.

  2. Keith E says:

    So for the lasertag do you have to have a SDCC bag to play. If not I will hop on the train tomorrow morning and come play. I didn’t get a badge but I would still like to come check out everything else going on

  3. Aaron says:

    Jessica Chobot  3x’s a day !?!   Alright  Alright  Alriiight  !!!!!!!!!!!!!                           

  4. Gabe LLanas says:

    Loving the CM Punk gags.

  5. Orionsangel says:

    Andrea Rene at 2:20 FTW! \M/