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New Video Reveals ARKHAM KNIGHT Story Details

“[Arkham Knight] takes place on this one night where the supervillains work together and wage war on Gotham,” explains Batman: Arkham Knight game director Sefton Hill.

Batman at his peak, crime down in Gotham – what could possibly go wrong with a full-scale super villain strike on the city that the Batman loves and protects?

This is the backdrop for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight, the purported finale to Rocksteady’s series of Arkham games. In a new video released today, Hill and Arkham Knight script writer Martin Lancaster lay out some of the particulars of the new game’s story, which is supposed to play out some of the story threads laid down in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

With a threat of Scarecrow gas having led to Gotham’s evacuation, hundreds of gang members from the various criminal factions have taken up residence in town, presumably with the goal of destroying both the city and its protector.

And what about the titular Arkham Knight, the new villain who’ll be going after Batman? Or the Joker?

To the latter, Hill says that there are no plans to undo the death of Batman’s nemesis from the end of Arkham City (he’s “Dead, dead, dead,” Hill says). In fact, the Joker’s death has caused a power vacuum which now allows the various villains to start working together. The weirdest thing: Harley’s pregnancy, which was teased in Arkham City, was simply a “phantom pregnancy.” So don’t go looking for an appearance by Duela Dent or the son of the Joker.

As for the Arkham Knight, Rocksteady is keeping mum on the details or motivation of the all-new villain which the studio says they’ve created from scratch.

What do you think? Even with their combined might, do you think the villains of Gotham have any chance of taking Batman down?

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  1. slackshoe says:

    I know Arkham City was 3 years ago, but a spoiler warning would have been nice.

  2. shaun says:

    ok i give up, he said “supervillains team together” yet all i saw was villains, no superpowered ones, he has no idea what he is talking about and thats a recipe for disaster

    • jeannine says:

      meh, in the batman universe, “supervillains” have always meant bats’ greatest foes, not necessarily mutant or whatnot, just not petty muggers.

  3. shaun says:

    watched the video… he said “a gotham like uve never seen before” we saw it in batman begins…. NEXT!

  4. shaun says:

    hmmm not sold, the arkham city was amazing but nothings touched it since, they rushed origins and it was terrible, the blackgate edition thing was horrific to play as they ruined there own game layout and now i read this and see “oh all villains attack gotham” what like the last one? lol hit out on batman everyones after him, what i just read really didnt seem too far from that, originally it sounded cool, make it about a copycat and simply that, give him a decent story and put all your effort into that dont throw all kinds of villains in there uve done it before so dont repeat yourselves PLEASE dont let arkham city be the only one with a decent new story

    • batfag says:

      Arkham origins was bad because it wasn’t made by rocksteady. 

    • Jenner says:

      Origins didn’t go leaps and bounds above Arkham City’s technical design but that didn’t make it any less enjoyable to play. If you didn’t like it then that’s fine. I’m just saying it’s a solid game which expands upon the Batman mythos and was allowed to experiment with new features not present in the Rocksteady Arkham games. Features like fast-travel, multiplayer, gadgets, and crime scene reconstructions. A lot of people just focus only on the flaws and do not talk about the features Origins did right. The story was great, the character and level designs were good, best boss battles in the series, and the gameplay was just as fun as Arkham City. Also I felt characters like Bane and Black Mask were the best versions of those characters outside of the comics.

  5. firts says:

    This video was released in March…