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New Video Places Remakes and Original Films Side-by-Side

We live in an age of constant remakes. This isn’t a new trend for Hollywood, but it does appear to be accelerating. It’s a rare big budget movie that isn’t adapted from another medium or a remake of an older film. Movies don’t even have to be considered classics to be remade anymore.

With so many remakes floating around, movie lovers now have the opportunity to closely examine the differences and the similarities between the originals and the films that came later. Earlier this week, Jaume R. Lloret posted a video on Vimeo that compared 25 movies and their remakes side-by-side, set to the music of Clint Mansell’s First Snow, from The Fountain soundtrack.

Remakes from Jaume R. Lloret on Vimeo.

The movies in this video that were remade within a few years of the original tend to share the same style and most of the same choices. REC and Quarantine are almost identical in their signature scene, while Let Me In goes for a more claustrophobic tunnel than Let The Right One In. And the fight choreography for Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake seems more staged than the frantic battle in the original.

Despite Gus Van Sant’s Psycho being a shot-for-shot remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s film, there’s a certain lifeless quality to Anne Heche’s facial expression while the movement of Janet Leigh’s eyes convey her character’s inner turmoil. This video also drives home the fact that the original Planet of the Apes ending with the Statue of Liberty plays better than the Lincoln Memorial (or the Thade Memorial) in Tim Burton’s 2001 reimagining of the film.

What did you think about the remakes video? Leave a comment below, then come back years later to leave another one!


HT: Jaume R. Lloret

Image Credit: MGM/Colombia Pictures

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