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New THE GOOD DINOSAUR Clip Has Sam Elliott Telling Tales of Croc Killing

Can I interest you in listening to Sam Elliott telling a story about fighting off some crocodiles? Yes, obviously I can.

That’s just what we get to hear in a new clip released from the upcoming Pixar film, The Good Dinosaur. Elliott voices an old, grizzled (what else) T-Rex named Butch (of course) that tells some young and eager dinosaurs how he got his scar. Like any great campfire story, it sounds impossible to truly believe, which is why it’s great.

This particular story, about walking for five days in 100 degree heat before encountering a group of bloodthirsty crocs works for a tyrannosaurus rex, but the true beauty here is just imagining Sam Elliott the human telling this story. I’d believe him if he told me this. It’s Sam Elliott, he could tell me any absurd story of him being a badass and I’d say, “I believe that.”

“I wasn’t ready for dying that day.”

I’m not even sure Sam Elliott can die.

“I bit one croc in half.”

Yup, seems like a thing Sam could do.

“The last one, well, I drowned that croc in my own blood.”

I agree with the young dinosaurs. Daaaaaangggg.

If The Good Dinosaur just turns out to be two hours of old T-Rex Sam Elliott telling amazing stories about fighting and killing other creatures, well, we might have an historic hit on our hands.

The Good Dinosaur opens this month on November 25.

What else should we have Sam Elliott narrate? Obviously the answer is “everything,” but let’s name some specifics in the comments below.

HT: Collider
Image: Pixar/YouTube

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