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New STAR WARS Characters Revealed in Action Figure Form

This Friday marks a day that will be long remembered — Force Friday — which will see the massive unveiling of all sorts of new products to tie in to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (Sidebar: I love that we’ve all pretty much dropped the “Episode 7” part of the title. The prequels got unwieldy.) We’ve already seen little snatches of new awesome toys, including some super awesome LEGO sets. Now we’ve got a glimpse at two of the action figures Hasbro will be releasing, and they’re of characters we haven’t met yet!


Super cool, right? Cuz, like, who the hell are these guys? Well, true to form, especially when considering the action figure line from the prequels, Hasbro doesn’t just put out figures of the main characters. They put out figures of everybody, no matter how small! That’s part of why any of us know the names of the people populating the cantina in A New Hope. So, we have no idea what role these two will play, but we have a couple of notions.

The one on the left is named Sarco Plank, who was actually in the background of one of those Vanity Fair images…
Star Wars Vanity Fair(Photo: Annie Leibovitz)

See? The guy in the middle there?

He looks like he’s going to factor into the Jakku plot, and possibly, given his huge gun, be part of the reason Rey (Daisy Ridley) speeds away on her speeder bike.

The figure on the right is someone named Asty, who’s a resistance pilot like Poe Dameron (Oscar Issac). He’ll probably fly an X-Wing, maybe in that group of fighters we see in the teasers, but whether he’s a big part of the action or not is yet to be announced.

We’re going to have a veritable deluge of new things to look at and buy regarding the film come Friday, so hang on to your power converters.

HT: Slashfilm

Featured Image: Vanity Fair

IMAGE: Jedi Temple Archives

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