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New Promo for ARCHER Apparently Forgot About “Phrasing”

“This spring the world’s most elite secret agents are now Hollywood’s biggest dicks.”

As if the phrase “Archer is coming back” wasn’t enough to get you excited for a new season (though hopefully not quite as excited as Cheryl), the new location and job description should certainly do the trick.

In the newest promo for the upcoming seventh season, we get to see that just because the gang is no longer working as spies, they’ll still find themselves in plenty of trouble as private investigators.

Recently we told you about the big changes coming for the new season of Archer — the gang, having been banned by the CIA from working as undercover secret agents, go to work for Cyril’s new private detective agency in Los Angeles. It’s a different direction for the show that apparently will be influenced by the classic Tom Selleck television show, Magnum, P.I. If you missed the first promo for the new year, it was a shot-for-shot remake of Magnum, P.I.‘s opening credits.

This is not the first time the show is leaving the world of international espionage to do something different. In the show’s fifth season, an out-of-work and out-of-cash group got into the drug dealing business with poor results. However, even in that season they were based out of New York. This year has them going Don Draper-style to the West Coast. No need to worry though, that doesn’t mean their sensibilities are going to change.

“Want to try yanking on the pipe?”


I’m so very glad Archer is back.

The new season starts Thursday, March 31st on FX.

What’s your favorite Archer episode? Phrase your answer correctly in the comments below.

Image: FX

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