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New OUTLANDER Teaser & Photos Paint a Dramatic Picture for Our Time-Traveling Sassenach

Are you ready, Outlander fans? The series’ second half returns on April 4th, and when we last left our time-traveling sassenach (a.k.a Claire Randall/Fraser), things were looking a bit precarious — to say the least. On Thursday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, Starz debuted a new trailer (and photos!) from season 1B, and we’ve got them here to share with you right MEOW! How’s that for service-y, eh?

Be warned now, though: this post contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the second half of the season. You have been forewarned.

With “Black” Jack Randall holding Claire captive and no one but Jamie Fraser to come to her rescue (since, y’know, she’s stuck in 1740s Scotland), things are decidedly stacked up against her having any sort of chance for survival. But as it turns out — that is ONLY the beginning. Randall is but a small part of Claire’s problem, and she’s going to need far more than her morally upstanding (and very attractive) husband to save her: wits, wisdom, and a few discoveries here and there are far more valuable assets this time around.

Those heightened stakes are also on display in the series’ new images, which show more than just the intimate bond between Jamie and Claire that’s in the header above (although that’s great, too). There’s the introduction of Jenny Fraser — the older sister of Jamie — and a very conspicuous shot of Gellis Duncan who we just KNOW has more up her sleeve than her seeming witchcraft-ery.

The first question is, of course: why so angry, Dougal MacKenzie? Cheer up, buttercup!

So — what do you think is going to happen on the second half of Outlander? Leave your theories in the comments.

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  2. Jenna says:

    Read the first book and you’ll find out exactly what’s up with Gellis, though hints have already been given in the first half of the season. 🙂