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New LUKE CAGE Trailer, Nerdist’s Kyle Hill Hosting New MYTHBUSTERS, and More

New LUKE CAGE Trailer, Nerdist’s Kyle Hill Hosting New MYTHBUSTERS, and More

September 30 is almost here, and that’s an important date to remember if you’re a Marvel. That’s when Luke Cage’s 13-episode first season drops on Netflix. See a new trailer for the superhero drama in today’s TV-Cap, see a Deathstroke return tease for Arrow, learn two new episode titles for Sherlock, and more.

Save Harlem. Daredevil’s been motivated by cleaning up Hell’s Kitchen, and Luke Cage is trying to protect Harlem’s streets and heart. A new trailer for the series shows off more of the cast, and how they figure into the battle to keep Harlem intact. [Nerdist]

Super Streaming. If you’ve been wanting to binge Smallville, Hulu’s here to help. The 10-season series about a young Clark Kent will be available to stream for the first time as of October 1. [IGN]

To the Skies. Superman will fly alongside Supergirl in a live-action TV series soon enough. Yeah, we’re kind of spoiled, aren’t we? The Man of Steel is coming to the season two premiere of Supergirl on October 10, and you can see a tease of what it will be like in the above clip. I can’t stop smiling. I love the “Great Caesar’s ghost!” reference. [Entertainment Weekly]

Panel It Up. Westworld is coming to New York Comic Con. HBO will screen the second episode on October 9 at 3:30p.m. and then host a Q&A with the showrunners and select cast members. [Image: HBO]

Syfy Goes Spooky. Syfy is once again throwing a monthlong party for the best holiday of the year with their 31 Days of Halloween Celebration. The lineup features original Syfy films, the debut of the anthology series Channel Zero: Candle Cove on October 11 (see the trailer above), and classics such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They’ll pair all of this with horror movie trivia, interviews at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights, and more. Get the full schedule on Syfy.

Everybody’s Back. Arrow’s 100th episode is bringing back everyone, apparently: Jamey Sheridan as Robert Queen, Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance, and Deathstroke. Stephen Amell made the reveal on Twitter, and this pic of him on a park bench with Deathstroke looks like a terrific meet-cute moment. [CBR]

Switching Roles. Lucasfilm’s Dave Filoni is no longer supervising director for Star Wars Rebels. Justin Ridge has stepped up and into the role, leaving Filoni more time to oversee other animated projects and invest in the story and writing on Rebels. Find out why why this is a good thing right this way.

The Game Is Afoot. BBC has dropped the titles for the first two episodes of series four of Sherlock, and it’s time to start guessing. What do “The Six Thatchers” and “The Lying Detective” mean? We’ll find out for sure when the show returns in 2017, but for now, read Rachael’s speculation.

Host with the Most. MythBusters: The Search has named their host, and it’s none other than Nerdist’s own Kyle Hill. Yes, we’re thrilled and excited and so very proud. The Science Channel’s The Search is all about looking for scientists and testing their “killer build skills, science smarts, and nerves of steel” to see who will become the next MythBusters. Learn more here at Nerdist.

One Day Soon? The cast and crew of One-Punch Man appeared at his own Fall Festival and dropped some news: the anime is getting a second season and a mobile game app sometime in 2017. Snazzy, huh? We don’t know any specifics or release dates yet, but for now, know it’s coming. [Nerdist]

A Reunion. The Will & Grace cast has reunited for the first time since the comedy ended, and the current presidential election brought them together. They filmed a new 10 minute scene, and it was released on the YouTube channel Vote Honey just before Monday’s presidential debate. This cast very much still has it, and now I want more Will & Grace. [TVLine]

Cartoons and Villains. Fox’s new comedy Son of Zorn recently debuted, but did the comedy blending animation and live-action nail it? Read Derrick’s review. Then, travel to Gotham City to read Sydney’s recap of the latest episode of Gotham–it featured the new, rather grown up version of Poison Ivy.

Are you excited to about the brief Will & Grace reunion? And how awesome is Kyle Hill? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Featured Image: Netflix

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