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Exclusive Details About Cartoon Network’s Secret JUSTICE LEAGUE Series

Every time the whiff of a possible new DC animated series arises, we try to soak in all of the possibilities. By and large, the past twenty years of DC’s animated series lineup is just a string of one critical success after another. Batman: The Animated Series begat Superman: The Animated series and Justice League. Then came the spin-offs of the spin-offs with The New Batman Adventures and Justice League Unlimited. Now, thanks to some eagle-eyed folks on Reddit and Comic Book Resources, a photo which was seemingly taken in the Warner Bros. Burbank offices showcases posters for a line of current series and new animated series being released in the coming months—including a new Justice League series. And we’ve got some scoopage you won’t read anywhere else about it!

We knew that Wabbit, Bunnicula, and Be Cool Scooby Doo! were on their way to television, but the odd poster out is the one featuring silhouettes of classic Justice League superheroes, with “JLA” written across the bottom.


Some unnamed sources connected to the Warner Bros. animation division in our periphery have suggested that the title of the show will be Justice League: Action, and that the series might not premiere on Cartoon Network as is widely expected, but instead air on another of WB’s animation-centric channels like Boomerang. That Justice League: Action/Boomerang rumor is a couple of months old, and network plans can change on a dime, so whether or not it holds any water will be up to the final announcement. But what would it mean if it was titled “Action” and headed to Boomerang?

For years, Boomerang was the TV channel equivalent of the oldies station on the radio, playing the hits of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond. These days, they fall more into the “beyond” category, offering up a mixture from classic cartoons to original programming. Seeing as how both Wabbit and Be Cool Scooby Doo—both featured in the photo—are premiering on Boomerang, we know that the posters in the photograph do not represent the programming of one single channel.

Besides—and here comes the speculation—over in the comic book domain, “JLA” is the title of one of the newest Justice League-related books. Typically it stands for Justice League of America, but in recent times, the Justice League of America has been a separate entity from the Justice League itself, featuring its own standalone roster. With the silhouettes of familiar heroes from the core JL lineup featured in the poster, it’s possible that the “A” in “JLA” does not stand for America, and so maybe JLA stands for something different altogether. For what it’s worth, “Animated” is too obvious, so we’re ruling that out.

Furthermore, the lineup appears to feature Superman, Wonder Woman (complete with warrior weaponry), Batman, and Shazam in the top row of silhouettes. The next line is Zatanna, Firestorm, maybe Green Lantern, and Huntress. Helena’s inclusion is interesting, because now we’re wondering which Helena: Helena Wayne, or Helena Bertinelli? Probably Bertinelli, but wouldn’t it be fun if this JLA featured members from Earth-2? (I warned you about my meandering thoughts.) Hawkgirl can also be seen in the lower left corner, and the remaining figures are hard to decipher without a more detailed look.

We’ve reached out to Cartoon Network for a comment/confirmation but have yet to hear back at the time of publication.

What do you think!? Speculate with reckless abandon in the comments below and with us on Twitter!

HT: Comic Book Resources
Featured Image – deviantart//phil-cho

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