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New Joker Toy from Play Arts Kai is 7 Figures in One!

New Joker Toy from Play Arts Kai is 7 Figures in One!

It’s pretty common in superhero toy lines to make as many different versions of the core characters as the market will bear. Part of the logic is to always have them on shelves in some form, because there will always be a kid or collector seeking out their first Batman/Spawn/Mario/whoever.

The other factor in play is name recognition. Characters with names we know always sell better than those we don’t. Mattel’s WWE, for example may please old-school collectors with the occasional Papa Shango or Wild Samoans, but they’re always going to make sure shelves are well-stocked with John Cena and The Rock.

To make the figures look different enough from others you may already have, companies rely on all kinds of odd variants, from Street Luge Batman to Nuclear Spawn (both real toys). But in the case of Play Arts Kai‘s newest Joker, they’ve managed to get seven variants from one figure. This both allows a lot of customizing options and compels completists who open their toys to buy seven.


Let’s take a look those heads: Cowboy Joker. Bat-Joker. Mardi Gras Joker. Jigsaw-esque Old Man Joker. Young, somewhat Heath Ledger-ish Joker. Late middle-aged Jack Nicholson/Arkham-game-like Joker. The Red Hood… with a smile. Oh, and we also need to talk about that Dr. Octopus rig on his back, which can become weapon arms, a walker, or even a wheelchair for aging oxygen mask Joker.


Square Enix got Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts designer Tetsuya Nomura to design this particular take, or, rather, “these takes.” Even within their usual ballpark of hyper-detailed, manga influenced interpretations of familiar characters, it’s a level up. Like some sort of dark, demented Pokémon, this is a Joker who can mature and change his weapon capabilities as he “grows up,” thanks to the interchangeable parts. Preorders are running around $200, but when you think of that as being for seven figures rather than one, it’s quite the deal.

How many smiles are on your face right now, looking at this? No joke–check out the gallery below and tell us what you think in comments.

Images: Square Enix/DC Comics

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