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New Image and Plot Details from the LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE Movie

Update: Nickelodeon has released a lot more info and a new image for the movie, and we can all rest easy–it’s going to involve a green monkey.

“The TV movie Legends of the Hidden Temple will follow three siblings who break away from a lackluster temple tour in a jungle, finding themselves immersed in a real-life mission comprised of obstacles that they must complete in order to escape alive. The TV movie will feature elements from the original game show including: Olmec, a talking head who knows the secrets behind the temple; The Steps of Knowledge, the entrance to the temple and launching pad for the mission; and cameos from a green monkey, red jaguar, and silver snakes, among others.”

The movie, which is scheduled to begin production this month, will star Isabela Moner from Nickelodeon’s 100 Things To Do Before High School, with Joe Menendez (From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series) directing. (Since I had this thought, I imagine others will too: three siblings? Um, teams are made up of two on the show. We’re still excited about this, but don’t think we didn’t notice, Nickelodeon.)

They also announced that the Hey Arnold! movie we told you about in November has been made official, with the two-part movie “written and executive produced by the series’ original creator Craig Bartlett.”

“The greenlights for the Legends of the Hidden Temple and Hey Arnold! TV movies are terrific examples of how we are bringing our beloved content back to life, both for new audiences and the generation that grew up on them,” said Viacom Kids and Family Group President Cyma Zarghami.

We’re in. We’re all in. We’ll just be wary of Temple guards scaring the crap out of us.

Read our original story below.

Sitting at home watching the Silver Snakes try to get through the final round of Temple Run, we all felt that we knew exactly what they needed to do. First, if they hadn’t completed the Pendant of Life during the competition rounds, they needed to finish it and extend their chance of survival from the guards, and only then should they focus on retrieving the artifact, by avoiding any room with too many obstacles. Yes, it was all so simple! Why couldn’t those fools just see it?! This is probably why they should consult us on the script for the new Legends of the Hidden Temple movie coming from Nickelodeon.

Nickelodeon confirmed to Nerdist that they are planning a reboot (I guess that’s the right word?) of the ’90s game show as a “live-action TV movie,” set to be released later this year. It’s unclear at this time if this could lead to a revival of the game show itself. We will update you with any news that follows from them and their presentation to advertisers today.

If they can do this with Legends of the Hidden Temple—which makes sense a lot of sense since it was an adventure game with a mythical and archaeological element, setting up for a potentially fun script (that Nic Cage will demand to be in, probably as Olmec)—what’s to say they can’t do the same with Guts? Get some kids to race to the top of a dangerous mountain? It even has its own built-in sequel: Global Guts.

Either way, as a child of the ’90s, I’ll be watching, screaming throughout at the characters that they should have gone down, not up. Not up!

What do you make of this? What other past Nick shows would lend itself to a movie like this? Tell us in the comments below.

HT: Variety
Image: Nickelodeon

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