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New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Spot Teases Best Look Yet At Ronan the Accuser

As we sit by and anxiously wait to find out who will direct Marvel’s Ant-Man and write Doctor Strange, it’s easy to forget there’s already a movie in the can, waiting for its August release date to roll around. Of course we’re talking about the upcoming space-epic Guardians of the Galaxy. The Chris Pratt led film is, by far, the oddest project Marvel has offered up to date and, if it succeeds, it could open the studio up to even stranger projects (pun totally intended). Now, with the marketing machine for the film well under way, the studio has released a brand new television spot with a whole bunch of new footage. Feast your eyes on this:

Hey look, Ronan the Accuser. Sweet! Actually, more than sweet, the dude looks pretty badass and very formidable. Definitely the best look we’ve had yet.

Too bad we couldn’t have a look at hologram Thanos. As you’ll recall, the Marvel baddie was recently confirmed to be voiced by Josh Brolin and would appear in the beginning of Guardians while maintaining a “heavy hand” throughout the film. Word is it will be the beginning stages of a plan that ultimately ends with Avengers 3. But, until then, a shot of Ronan will do just fine.

What do you guys think of the new spot for Guardians of the Galalxy? Do you like this tease of Ronan the Accuser? Let us know in the comments below.

Correction: Previously, we mistakenly reported this as a first look at Thanos. This mistake has been corrected.

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  1. Clapjaws says:

    Wasn’t the first sighting in the credit cameo at the end of avengers1?

  2. Hamzah al-Jundi says:

    Its Ronan the Accuser [Lee Pace aka Thranduil from Hobbit]. You can see its him by the fact that he has his trademark hoodie and his trademark hammer.

  3. Peat says:

    Ronan the Accuser. NOT Thanos. Come one. Maybe you shouldn’t call yourselvs NERDISt if you can’t get that right? I guess your comic book research guy is off this week?

  4. Nacos says:

    Ronan the Acuser WTF, what a waste of my precious time.

  5. Tumorseal says:

    Wow, you guys suck. That isn’t close to Thanos.

  6. skylordric says:

    That’s Ronan, ya twit! Also in shot 4. Plus, big hammer in hand.  geez…

  7. Ben says:

    Epic fail nerdist. SMH

  8. Justus says:

    Yep, clearly Ronan the Accuser. On the plus side, Lee Pace’s Ronan should be pretty awesome.

  9. Fartbooty says:

    That’s not Thanos that’s some dude in a hoodie get your facts straight! jk love you!

  10. I had to rewatch the “2nd shot” like 4 times, because I thought Thanos might have been peeking out from behind Ronan… then I realized, ‘Oh, wait, he’s talking about Ronan himself.’ Poopy click bait. 🙁

  11. chris says:

    That was so unbelieveably NOT Thanos. Hello click bait and I fell for it. 

  12. Matt R says:


  13. That’s Ronan dude…and you call yourself Nerdists.

  14. John says:

    That’s Ronan the Accuser, you silly goose.