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New GAME OF THRONES Scene Answers (and Raises) Some Jon Snow Questions

When the awesome trailer for season six of Game of Thrones premiered recently, it ended with Ser Davos apologizing to some brothers of the Night’s Watch for not being very good with a sword before he drew Longclaw, in what appeared to be an attempt to protect Jon Snow‘s corpse.

It was freaking amazing; there was a reason they ended the trailer with it.

Well last night on Conan, Ser Davos himself, Liam Cunningham, shared much more of that clip. And it’s everything we want.

It was unclear originally if he was drawing on the men in the room, but now we know he was actually standing with them, as they and a very angry Ghost stood watch over Jon’s body. We also now know that another clip from the trailer, of Ser Alliser Thorne and some other members of the Night’s Watch trying to break down a door, is connected (as some guessed), as they are the same people Ser Davos is standing against.

There do not appear to be many recognizable characters at Castle Black beyond that, though that traitorous little Ollie is there. But the bigger question is: Why protect his body?

We can surmise that Thorne and the others are trying to burn his body, as is required so no one returns as a wight, but why the armed protection of Jon’s body from being burned? Does Ser Davos know something about any potential plans to bring him back by Melisandre, or is this nothing more than honoring him and not letting his assassins have his body?

This is intense and awesome and please hurry up and get here April 24.

As for the rest of the interview, Cunningham says George R.R. Martin told him a secret about the story a couple of years ago, one he’s not telling, since HBO constantly has (a poor aiming) sniper follow him everywhere he goes.

Okay what do you make of this scene? Tell us your best theories on what is going on and why in the comments below.

Image: HBO

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