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New Full Length Doctor Who Trailer

Seems like the buildup to the new series of Who just keeps on a-truckin’. Today, the BBC released this full-length trailer for series. Have a gander, Oh, my Whovians.

Holy shit, right!?!? As of a wasn’t already super excited enough, this makes me pants-wettingly thrilled. Cannot wait for April 23rd!!!!

Kanderson AWAY!

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  1. Amy says:

    This will be the best birthday I’ve had in a long time.


  2. Andres A says:

    Hey there Who fans, does anyone listen to the Dr. Who radio serials on BBC Radio (

  3. Sean says:

    I grabbed an image from Ten’s console room part of the trailer the best I can.

  4. Cheri says:

    Wow, that was pretty much the best trailer ever. Also- squeeeee!!

  5. Magnoliafan says:

    Matt Smith is an amazing actor and his Doctor has become my favorite without a doubt. For such a young guy to convey such depth of emotion, it really gives this Doctor a complexity that hasn’t existed.

  6. Arieh says:

    @TomW Lots of planets have a yorkshire!

  7. Graham says:

    Beardy doctor is beardy.

    Beardy doctor is awesome.

  8. Gaff says:


    I’m not sure red is her best colour…

  9. JohnSeever says:

    If that is 10s Tardis, than it will be one hell of a season. But my question is, what happened to the Doctor to be in a straight jacket and with a beard nonetheless. I wonder, which of the new aliens they will use since they are int he desert and odds are Area 51, which I am guessing is where Matt is at in said straight jacket.

    Damn the wait. But it will be an awesome season. Now the question is, who is River Song, and could she possibly be a rouge Time Lord or not.

  10. JE Smith says:

    Sorry, I meant @Jonathan 🙂

  11. JE Smith says:

    @JONATH >>I really only meant to say that he is also at the 37 second mark IN NINE/TEN’S TARDIS!

    HOLY CRAP I didn’t even notice that!

  12. Jake K says:

    “fear me…i’ve killed hundreds of time lords.”
    “fear *me* …i’ve killed all of them.”

    SO GOOD!!!!!!


  13. Lokey says:

    SDGlyph — Your Ten’s console room idea makes me think that the “two Amys, two Eleventh Doctors, two Rorys” bit we saw a couple weeks ago was a hint to a storyline in the new series. That just opens up all kinds of possibilities! I am so freakin’ excited for this new season to start!

  14. LaLaD says:

    It’s like I just got a a magical healing unicorn that poops gold for my birthday that aged me negative 10 years. But better. I can’t wait!

  15. Lisa says:

    Chills on my spine – ooo, errrr, by GUM!

  16. SDGlyph says:

    Other thoughts…

    @Jonathan: I don’t know who the folks in the bronze-coloured suits at 0:20 are, but they’re not Our Heroes. The suits look almost proto-Sontaran to me…

    I’ve no idea if it’s relevant to the actual plot of the episode at 0:41, but I love the idea of updating the Minotaur legend to use a modern hotel – all anonymous twisty corridors – as the Cretan Labyrinth. If that’s not the actual plot, I’m baggsying that one!

  17. SDGlyph says:

    Holy frak… I’ve been avoiding spoilers (including the title of the Neil Gaiman episode, up until GeeksOfDoom revealed it in their trailer announcement… oh well) so maybe others were less surprised, but two things definitely jumped out at me:

    – River seemingly destroying the time engine from The Lodger – presumably causing it to crash on Craig’s flat? And that’s a pretty cool gun-thing she’s using, too.

    – Amy and Rory in Ten’s console room, perhaps during Ten’s regeneration? [In fact, yes: in freeze-frame I think I can see a figure standing in the big glowy ball of what I shall now declare bio-energy.] Will this be the in-story reason for the console room exploding at the end of S4?

    @TomW – as someone on Twitter said, “I have a beard and a terrible Yorkshire accent now. Beards and terrible Yorkshire accents are cool.”

    And yeah… cold shivers from the “Fear me…” exchange!

  18. Jarrod says:

    Yeah, It’s not Tennant it’s Rory in the old TARDIS set at 0’37, he’s wearing the same outfit in some of the other clips. Still interesting to see that set thou.
    Doug Evans – It’s “Ee by Gum” or “E bah Gum” its an expression supposedly used by Northern English people from Yorkshire (Matt is doing a Yorkshire accent) It’s the equivalent of “Oh My God.” But it’s actually more used as an short hand impression by others of Yorkshiremen.
    The Scots get “Och Aye the Noo,” the Geordie’s from Newcastle get “Why aye Man,” the Liverpool Scousers (like me) get “Eh! Eh! Alright! Calm Down!”
    Hope That Helps.

  19. TomW says:

    @Doug Evans. He says “eeh by gum”, or something similar. It’s Yorkshire for “Oh my god.”

  20. Jonathan says:

    @Micha Yeah, that is definitely Rory and Amy on the right. The giant vest kind of gives that away. But I believe the crack theory is that it’s 10 in the big glowy explosion thing.

    Which is incredibly unlikely. But if it was, that would be the most amazing best kept secret in television since the creation of the Internet.

  21. Micha Kirk says:

    So, there has been some buzz that DT shows up around 0:38 – I don’t think that’s the case (looks like Rory to me), but that DEFINITELY looks like it could be 9/10’s Tardis.


  22. RobM says:

    I wonder if Steven Moffat sits around all day, thinking of new inanimate objects to creep me out with by having their heads turn around inexplicably.

    That sounds like an insult, but it absolutely was a compliment.

  23. Jonathan says:

    Rory’s also there when Amy asks where they are. And in a space suit with Amy and the Doctor.

    I didn’t really mean to nitpick. I really only meant to say that he is also at the 37 second mark IN NINE/TEN’S TARDIS!

  24. Greg R says:

    Holy hell that looks phenomenal! I just finished all the the Doctor Who series on Netflix and I’m about to buy the first Matt Smith series this week. I have to get caught up before the new season starts! So excited. Squee!

  25. Kyle says:

    @Lokey Yea, i noticed that after i posted /fail

  26. Jason says:

    I might be overselling it but I believe based on this trailer Season 6 of Doctor Who will be man’s greatest achievement.

  27. Lokey says:

    @Kyle — Rory was in the trailer…in the scene where the Doctor’s stetson goes flying off his head.

  28. Lokey says:

    Ohhh “this is the day he finds out who I am”….that bit makes it even more exciting! River Song told the Doctor everything would change once he learned who she was and whatnot. And some of those villains look uber creepy…can’t wait!!

  29. Wesley Marshall says:

    @Je Smith best line in the whole trailer.
    It looks so epic I can’t wait for April 23rd! Now begins the hardcore Who fans dissecting the trailer to find out clues or give aways about the plot.

  30. Chad H says:

    I love these trailers, as much as I don’t want spoilers I can’t stop watching them.

  31. JE Smith says:

    “Fear me… I’ve killed all of them.” CHILLS!!!!

  32. Kyle says:

    That was awesome, no Rory in the trailer though I hope his character gets more airtime this season

  33. Doug Evans says:

    Kyle! Love your posts, love Doctor Who, love The Nerdist for hosting you here. What does The Doctor say at that one part? “Ee Gum Ba?” What the hell is that?

  34. Caroline says:

    GAH! Why is April 23 so far away?!