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7 Things We Learned from the New FANTASTIC BEASTS Images (And One Big Prediction)

With only a month until Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald apparates into theaters Entertainment Weekly released more new images and insights from the film for us to study like we’re getting ready for our O.W.L.S. And while they might not give up any secrets as big as last month’s stunning revelation that Voldemort’s snake and horcrux Nagini was once a person, it’s clear the movie has an even more shocking surprise in store for us–one we think might involve a major betrayal that leads to a death.

Here are our biggest takeaways from the new pictures and EW cast interview.

1. Newt’s Secret Magical Animal Sanctuary

This underground room we’ve seen in trailers is Newt’s “refuge for injured magical creatures” located in the basement of his London workshop.

When we meet Newt again, he will already be a huge success from his recently released bestselling book Fantastic Beasts, so why does he need to hide his activities? What kind of animals need secret care? The kind that are dangerous to everyone, or the kind who are dangerous in the wrong hands? And how might a hiding place prove helpful to any wizards or witches that help him in his fight? Also, just how secret is it?

2. Newt and Leta’s Past Relationship

It was hinted at in the first film, but this image of Leta Lestrange at her old Hogwarts desk where she carved “L + N” indicates just how strong her relationship with Newt was. The script for the first film confirmed Newt was kicked out of Hogwarts after taking the blame for something Leta did. Was that the reason for their falling out? Or did it come later, which is that why Newt couldn’t stand to even discuss their relationship before considering what he had sacrificed for her?

3. The Lestrange Family Mausoleum Meeting Place

The trailers have shown Grindelwald speaking to a crowd in an amphitheater numerous timse, but this latest look tells us exactly where he is doing so: an amphitheater beneath the Lestrange Family Mausoleum. Considering Leta Lestrange will play a major role in the film and the evil tendencies of her family, this is not a positive sign that she will fight on the side of good. Obviously the Lestrange family is standing by Grindelwald, so will she decide to join him because she’s loyal to her family? If that does happen, what will Theseus (Newt’s brother) do?

4. Armed Brothers in a Graveyard

Grindelwald’s meeting is not the only image from a cemetery; we also see Newt and Theseus at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Based on what we’ve seen in trailers, we think they are going after Grindelwald. Even if they are not hunting the dark wizard down in this photo, the brothers will clearly be working together at some point. Either way, this is yet another major connection to death. Speaking of…

5. The Origins of the Dark Mark?

Grindelwald’s most trusted ally Vinda Rosier is giving him a skull and…rope? snake? We’re not positive, but together those items resemble everything you need to make Voldemort’s Dark Mark. When you remember the film’s logo is the Deathly Hallows and that the Elder Wand will help Grindelwald escape, death is all over this movie, a movie Dan Fogler (Jacob Kowalski) said, “Reminds me a lot of The Empire Strikes Back.”

We expect a dark, unhappy ending, and an important character dying would be one way to achieve that.

6. Queenie’s Secret Mission

There’s not much to glean from the image of Goldie in Paris, but that belies the apparent importance of her reason for being there. She has “a mysterious purpose,” but her ability is known to everyone–she’s a Legilimens who can read people’s minds and feelings. That’s a pretty great skill to have when you aren’t sure who you can trust.

7. A Shocking Ending No One Expects

“I got to the end and my jaw dropped. There was one thing I didn’t see coming,” said Eddie Redmayne about the script. We suspected Warner Bros. revealing Claudia Kim’s role as Nagini  was to hide an even bigger secret, and it seems our instincts were correct. So what might that surprise be? Perhaps Newt will be betrayed by someone, with Leta and his brother as the best candidates to do so, and that someone will die as a result of this stunning development.

Whatever it is it has to be big, because if they were willing to tell us about Nagini, what are they still hiding?

What do you think these images tell us? What do you expect to happen? Tell us in the comments section below.

Featured Image: Warner Bros.

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