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New “Doctor Who” Series 7 Photos!

Tonight over in the United Kingdom, there was a special BFI screening of Doctor Who‘s seventh series premiere. There will certainly be no spoilers here, mostly because none of us were at the screening, but the BBC did release a veritable cornucopia of new images from the first five episodes to whet our whistles. First of all, we get the above image, which is an excellent and creepy movie-like poster for episode one, “Asylum of the Daleks.” You’ll find that most of the photos are about that.

WARNING! If you absolutely want to remain unspoiled, look ne’ further; otherwise, enjoy!

Here’s a still from what we saw in the trailer from a couple weeks ago showing the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and more Daleks than anyone has ever seen in one place at one time. Nice to see that, for the most part, these are all the Series 1-4 Daleks, as I think most of the production crew have cried “mea culpa” over the Skittles Daleks. (Taste the rainbow).

Here’s one from episode two, the Chris Chibnall-scripted “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.” This gives us a good glimpse of guest actors Rupert Graves, Mark Williams (as Rory’s dad!), and Riaan Steele.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot from the same episode showing that the Doctor is, indeed, riding a dinosaur.

This episode is maybe the one I’m most excited for. “A Town Called Mercy,” written by Toby Whithouse, takes the crew to the Wild West. It was actually shot on location in Almeria, Spain, the same place where Sergio Leone shot his Dollars trilogy. The Doctor hasn’t done a western since “The Gunfighters” in 1966. It was a silly episode.

I’m willing to bet this is the bad guy from the same episode. Might he be the “Alien With No Name?” Oh, wait, that’s the Doctor. Never mind.

Are they looking at me? Am I in the episode? I sure hope so, that’d be a huge twist.

The rest of the many photos can be found HERE on BBC America’s website. They’re all pretty awesome. The probable start date of September 1st is inching ever-closer to being now, folks. Can you even stand the awesomeness that is bound to occur? CAN YOU?!?!?

-Kanderson still thinks he might be in the episode and forgot about it. Follow him on TWITTER

Images: BBC America

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  1. RJ Williams says:

    I cannot say it enough of how I cannot wait until the series is back on! That is one of the reasons I made this for fellow die hard Doctor Who fans!

  2. mal says:

    So, the air date in Amearica for Episode 1 of Series 7 is for sure Sept. 1st? Yes?

  3. Three toes of Fury says:

    AHHHHH!!!!! I cant stand the waiting!?! And now this??? photos??? special BFI screenings????? AHHHHH!

    Will someone PLEASE build a fully functioning TARDIS so i can jump forward in time a few weeks and start watching the new season?

    Peace n Time and Relative Enjoyment of Burritos in Space