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New Details Say a Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man is Still Possible

Last night, news broke that among the sea of leaked Sony Pictures emails obtained and released by hackers over the last few days were communications between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures over the possibility of bringing New York’s famed webslinger to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, talks eventually broke down and Sony ended up going back to the drawing board with the character, a drawing board that apparently includes a potential animated film from the 22 Jump Street duo, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. But, a new report from Latino-Review seems to indicate things have swung back in fans’ favor.

Here’s the condensed version: following lengthy negotiations that eventually concluded with Sony walking away from what would have been a “co-production deal where Marvel and Sony would split future Spider-Man film costs 60/40 (Marvel paying the larger part) while MARVEL retained control of the Spider-Man creative property with the potential to have him cross-over into Marvel’s Phase films, like an appearance in Captain America: Civil War.” Well, it turns out not everyone at the overall Sony corporation is thrilled to hear about this news.

The report explains Sony Japan has apparently stepped in to get its subsidiary back at the negotiating table with Marvel. The reason? Quality. Latino-Review’s reporter, Da7e, indicates Sony isn’t happy with the current state of the Spider-Man franchise, and it views a partnership with Marvel as the best way to bring the series back to its Sam Raimi glory. “Sony Entertainment’s October hard-line stance of wanting creative control is now mostly moot in the eyes of the higher-ups,” said Da7e.

And with that, it appears Spider-Man’s chances of a Marvel reunion with all his Avengers buddies just got a second wind. However, as we’ve learned time and time again from Hollywood, nothing’s official until it’s official, and even then it’s no guarantee.

Are you ready to see Spider-Man join the MCU? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Robert says:

    So the summary is Sony hack revives possibility of Spider-Man/Marvel reunion? Guess one good thing will come of the hack then…

  2. jacknut says:

    Sony LOSES by not having Spidey be part of the Marvel cinematic universe. 

  3. Amelia Wolf says:

    please just let marvel have him for civil war so that it can play out right!! i love this story so much and spiderman is so important to how things play out. and really what is sony losing?? they are shooting themselves in the foot by staying on the track they are on. 

  4. JobaccaWookiee says:

    Heres the deal…let SONY keep on making all the terrible solo-Spidey movies they want. BUT….also let him pop up in the Marvel movies and say a few lines,get a few laughs,and kick a little ass. Just 15 minutes of Spider-Man bantering with Cap and Iron Man would do A LOT to redeem the character in the eyes of movie-goers and generate interest for whatever the hell Sony has lined up next(Aunt May…the High School Years).

  5. Sea_ray says:

    Let us not forget, Sony is establishing itself as the company that destroys comic franchises with its meddling and over producing.

  6. Jason says:

    Yes it is the way it has always been. 

  7. Victor says:

    Sony/marvel need to get it together. keep story integrity. ..

  8. Tom Young says:

    To be clear, if this happens, superb. If it doesn’t, it’s gonna be Sony’s loss far more than Marvel’s.
    40% of a Marvel Studios movie is still a pretty big slice of the cake for Sony to walk away with, and they’d be heavily associated with (what you’d assume to be) a quality product.

    • Thank you, I am really just trying to see a quality movie with one of my favorite tortured retconned souls in Marvel you know.. I think this is a good idea, Sony, Marvel, talk it out lets get down to business.