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New “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” Is Really, Really Mean

The Internet sure can be great, but unfortunately, it isn’t all dancing stormtroopers and baby penguins being tickled. Sometimes it’s a place for mean people to anonymously say horrible things to others. While we don’t condone such rude actions, those comments sure can be funny when read by the intended target, which is why we bring you the newest edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” segment.

“I have Matthew Perry Syndrome—I’m a sarcastic loser with a giant head.” It’s okay Matthew, your head is fine.

There were lots of targets, some that are probably used to it like Sean Penn and Colin Farrell, but who has anything negative to say about Elizabeth Banks or Julia Louis-Dreyfus? What kind of monster badmouths The Boy Who Lived?

“Daniel Radcliffe is one of God’s most unattractive creations since the aardvark.”

First off, don’t talk to Harry Potter like that. Second, aren’t you worried he’ll get angry and use the Sectumsempra curse on you?

Most of the celebrities took the insults in stride, even though some tweets were way too harsh to put here. I mean, this was one of the “nicer” ones: “When I grow up I hope I can be as ugly in as many different hairstyles as Jason Schwartzman.”

Although, I think maybe one of the tweets read was actually a compliment. “Kurt Russell’s face is made of aged denim.” He’s a rugged man that has stood the test of time. Sounds about right.

Which tweet do you think was the meanest? Tell us (nicely) in the comments below.

Image: ABC/YouTube

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