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You’d think after yesterday’s marketing bonanza of Guardians of the Galaxy awesomeness that Marvel would be taking a long-weekend… but you’d be wrong. In an attempt to keep us ever so aware, the studio has released a brand new television spot for their latest effort, Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

There are a few things to really enjoy about this spot, mainly in the way it portrays Fury’s role to the rest of the team. He’s a father figure to them, family, so much so that when he’s attacked by the Winter Soldier and seemingly left for dead, all they want to do is take down the one who hurt their family.

In addition to the swirling rumors that this Captain America film is part political thriller, it seems it might now also be part revenge film, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Also, as you see above, that group shot is one of the first times we’ve seen most of the key players on screen at the same time. It may be out of costume, but it’s there and it’s awesome.

With The Winter Soldier less than two months away, be prepared for much more material to drop leading up to opening day.

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  1. Hag says:

    Maybe he goes to Tahiti like Agent Colsen did?

  2. Farrell says:

    It may or may not be a misdirect; in the comics, Fury has faked his death before. Might be the same thing here (or might not).

  3. Jesse says:

    I fuckin’ hate when they put spoilers in trailers. I really hope that was a misdirect.