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New BATMAN v SUPERMAN Set Photos Reveal “Murderous” Re-Telling

No Batman story’s complete without an origin, right? Well, even if it is, the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne is one of the few things that can be found in almost every Batman tale ever told, so of course there was no way Zack Snyder was going pass up on opportunity to put his interpretation of the famed slaying to screen. Want proof? Just check out these set photos from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that have made their way to the internet via Imigur and one very observant fan:

Unlike Nolan and, most recently, Gotham’s Bruno Heller, who took a few liberties with the surroundings of Gotham City at the time, it appears Snyder’s pulling right from one of the comics more famed tellings of the tale. That telling of course being the comic that seems to have inspired the entire Batfleck interpretation: Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

While we can’t say we’re entirely pleased with the idea of another display of Wayne violence after Gotham just did it on television, we’ve come to accept at this point showing the Wayne murders on film is like showing Peter’s famed arachnid bite in Spider-Man movies. These are things so core to the story that they have to be a part of whatever new version is being built-up, so in a way we understand the decision and will wait until spring 2016 to unleash final judgment.

What do you think of the idea of more Wayne murder in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Tyler Brock says:

    Gezz. In an day by day anticipation of this film never have i thought ” ugh come on! Another Wayne Murder!? “My big questions are 1. How are they going to cram all off these characters into one film? (I guess the avengers did it right?)2. Will craming all of these characters in one film take away from the juicy meat of the story? ( Batman VS Superman ?)  
    Not saying it cant work but i find it hard to imagine just how it will all come together without it being to much! God forbid some part 1 – part 2 bull shit!Im worried that the making of this film is only in existance souly because of the success of the Avengers. And chanses are that thats the honest truth. Reguardless i belive in this film and im very excited about it 2016 can’t get here fast enough   no matter how much i sleep!

  2. Kevin Loury says:

    People are so ready to bitch about this movie it’s legitimately depressing. I’d almost it rather not come out at all given the onslaught of negativity it’s going to receive out of hand. So many jaded cynical people are already picking it to pieces, and people don’t stop being cynical when the movie starts. If people go into the movie expecting it to suck, they’ll come out thinking it sucks, regardless of anything that actually happened on screen.
    You’re taking for granted that everyone who will see this movie is actively watching EVERYTHING that has to do with Batman. The movie is being made for a GENERAL AUDIENCE. Of course it seems excessive to YOU, YOU actively seek out all that Batman media, and when you do that your obviously going to see the scene multiple times. You know who wont complain about this scene? People who DON’T watch Gotham, or the Animated Movies or Series. This will be the 3rd time its shown in film since 1989. 3 times in 25 years. It’s fine.
    Honestly, how horrible is it really that they’re showing his parents murdered again? First of all, anyone with any sense knew we’d be seeing it again the moment the movie was announced. You don’t even know how long the scene will be, or if it’ll even be a proper “scene”. They’re just shooting footage that can be used any number of ways. A cold open, a brief bit of imagery to accompany a voice over as Batman explains himself to Superman. Something to go over the opening credits, like in Rami’s Spider-Man series. The theme of any Batman/Superman team up is juxtaposition between light and dark. This scene sets the base-note for Batman. It IS his base-note. You can’t ignore it when your introducing him to a new universe. And what, do you actively hate the scene that much? Does it cause you pain to watch it? This is just backlash against the decision to include it in some unknown way, but why would he NOT? No one has ever said the worst part of Batman Begins is having to watch Bruce’s parents die. It’s not gonna kill you to watch it again from a different perspective.

    • Mike says:

      Fuck you. You are so pathetic getting worked up for this.

      • Garrett says:

        Really? You’re on the Nerdist website and THAT is your comment? I’m sure there’s an MMA site full of half naked men waiting on your clicks.

  3. Al H. says:

    Might as well get it over with now. You still need it as part of the overall story of Batman. This will be a two part movie, so they will have plenty of time to do a quick origin story. Plus, they will be working on another Batman movie and getting rid of the origin story here will mean you won’t have to see it again later in the stand alone. People need to chill out. Comic book directors are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. There will be complaints no matter what.  

  4. Rifah Odeh says:

    I’m curious whose shots these are. Can anyone help me out?

  5. Alex says:

    the murder scene is probably going to be a quick flashback that we will see in the movie. Just like in Man of Steel, synder knows most people know about batman’s origin and will do does flashback we saw in man of steel.

  6. The 4th Doctor says:

    If it actually ties in to the plot, I suppose it’s useful. Otherwise, I agree it’s a bit much for an already packed movie.

  7. It’s a monumental waste of screen time. No one is going to watch this movie who doesn’t already know every iteration of the Wayne killings/Batman origin. No one. 

  8. Morkid says:

    With so many relatively new and unknown characters in a movie that already seems packed to the brim, I’m surprised they’re spending precious minutes and what is probably the origin story with the most iterations in mainstream media.

  9. Everyone, *everyone* knows why Batman is Batman. This just smacks of padding out what is probably already an obscene running time,

    • Kartik says:

      People know that Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered and that has troubled batman for his whole life. BUT NOT EVERYONE understands how the murder of his parents influenced him to become Batman.

    • Jack says:

      “everyone”- I don’t think that word means what you think it means…