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Netflix Pushes Release of ARROW Season Two to October

Yesterday, Arrow fans everywhere were huddled up at their computers with the expectation that they’d get to spend the next few days binging (some for the first time) the second season of the beloved CW series. In fact, we were so excited for the release ourselves that we prepared a list of episodes you had to watch before season three kicked off next month. However, despite the long-standing information that the season would drop on September 14, it ended up never hitting the service, leaving many confused. But things became clear this morning as Netflix revealed that season two of Arrow was pushed from its September rollout date to October 8, the day of the season three premiere.

The reason for this shift is unknown and a little confounding, since the new date will leave zero time for any new viewers of the show to catch-up prior to the season three premiere, as well as the series premiere of Flash, which has its roots in the second season of Oliver Queen’s adventures.

While there’s no set rule for when Netflix has to roll out new seasons of series they have under contract, it is strange for the company to flat out pull the plug in the eleventh hour on a series as hot as Arrow. One possible scenario is The CW, fearing they’d lose audience if viewers thought there was no need to watch the show live since it will always be available to stream with enough time to spare before the new season started, asked Netflix to hold season two until closer to season three’s start date. But again, that’s just one of many possible theories that could have gone down behind the scenes.

For now, if you want to catch up on Arrow before the new season starts, all the episodes are still available on iTunes and Amazon for a premium. Beyond that, keep sharpening those arrow tips until October 8 rolls around.


Image: The CW

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  1. dawn says:

    you can watch the new episodes on the CW ap for kindle or xbox, Does anyone know why they pulled all of it from Netflix?

  2. George says:

    when is season 3 coming out on netflix?! 🙁

  3. Stu Ward says:

    I know this isn’t the point, but I was relieved to find that Season 2 is at least discounted at Google Play to $25. 

    Not that I’m buying a season that’s going to be streaming in a month anyway. 

  4. 1 season behind says:

    Well since I don’t own a DVR,  I guess I wont be watching season 3 until next October.  I’m certainly not watching seasons 2&3 at the same time and no chance I’m buying DVDs.  Thanks CW!

    • Grenadine says:

      If you have Hulu Plus you should be able to watch the new episodes the day after they air and they usually keep them for about two weeks. That’s how I watched most of season two

    • dawn says:

      get the cw ap for kindle or xbox you can watch the new eps there 

  5. Derek Read says:

    The main reason I watch this dumb show is because they film much of it downtown on top of nondescript parking garages and in alleyways near my office and a few recognizable places. I’m really hoping The Flash is better, but then again, I’ve never been a big DC fan.

  6. Lee Mangrum says:

    I’m guessing they’re holding out to help boost DVD sales.  

  7. I don’t understand your speculation.  Wouldn’t the CW be more worried about losing potential viewers if the second season wasn’t available with enough time for fans to watch before season 3?  “Oh I didn’t watch the show last year, I just discovered it on Netflix, so I won’t tune in until I see season 2.” 

    It would seem more likely the WB home video would be the one to benefit, making viewers buy the set if they want to get through it before season 3 starts.   But don’t they realized that many of these fans will go out and find the show on torrent sites? And once they get used to getting them there, that’s where they’ll go for new eps?