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Nerdswag: Fly Off With “Top Gun 3D”

This morning Nerdist News flew remarkably close to what Sterling Archer would refer to as “The Danger Zone!” An error on our mail server caused an accidental mailing of two previously deleted newsletters to all of our subscribers. Some of you “Lost that Loving Feeling,” and we apologize for the error.

As your nerd-pop-culture wingman, we want to make it up to you. We originally wanted to have a beach volleyball BBQ, but the logistics of getting Val Kilmer and former Nerdist podcast guest Anthony Edwards back on the beach was too much for us. So to make up for our readers getting three emails this morning, we’re giving away three copies of Top Gun in three dimensions on Blu-ray instead. We believe in balancing the Force.

After a well received run on IMAX 3D, Top Gun 3D is coming to Blu-ray on Tuesday, February 19th. Don’t have a 3D TV? Don’t worry, just like Iceman, we think you’ll come around, but until then this combo pack includes a standard 2D Blu-ray and Ultraviolet Digital copy you can stream on your PC, tablet, X-Box, or PS3. Whether you’re seeing Top Gun for the first time or quoting along with the unforgettable dialogue, watching Top Gun in 3D is the way to do it. From the stellar dogfights to the music to the enthusiastic performances from a great cast, Top Gun is the great unifier of the film going crowd. There is something for everyone, even food love scene enthusiasts.

To enter for a chance to win one of three copies of Top Gun on Blu-ray, go to our Top Gun 3D Giveaway page and enter your email address. (If you’re not already signed up for Nerdist News, you’ll begin receiving our free daily email newsletter.) If you want to send this contest to your wingmen or women you can also send the contest to three friends. Extra chances to enter will pop up on your radar by locking onto our Facebook, Twitter and Google + pages. Enter before Friday, February 22nd, before this contest has to eject. We may have lost Goose, but we don’t want to lose you guys. Bring back that loving feeling; After all, it is Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    So CooL!!!

  2. Bryan Adams says:

    Pick Me!