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Nerdist Super Bowl Eats: DIY Quidditch Butterbeer Pong

Who says you can’t combine nerdiness and sports? If you’re planning a big Super Bowl party we’re going to show you a few ways to celebrate football and fandom on Super Bowl Sunday through food, drinks, and a whole lot of fun.

On Super Bowl Sunday there’s sure to be plenty of food and drink, but during halftime why not continue the fun the wizarding way? Bring Hogwarts home by creating your very own Harry Potter Quidditch set, only there’s no broom riding involved in this homemade version, just a whole lot of refreshment.

Tabletop Quidditch is the perfect way to incorporate the thrill of competitive wizarding sports with the thrill of thirst-quenching. While some guests may be concentrating on the Super Bowl, you’ll be competing for the House Cup.

Quidditch Butterbeer Pong-01302016

This fun mini version is made with sewing hoops, glass bottles and a lot of gold paint. Hand-crafted Golden Snitches are made of painted ping pong balls with tiny hot-glued wings. If Butterbeer isn’t your thing (what’s wrong with you?) you can always substitute Pumpkin Juice or Mulled Mead for an enjoyable day of game-playing..

So this Sunday while the Muggles are watching the big game, gather all the Wizards for a rousing game of refreshing beverage Quidditch. I’m putting my bets on Slytherin to win it all.

Get the full Quiddtich DIY on

Will you be playing Quidditch on Super Bowl Sunday? Let us know in the comments and tag @nerdist and @justjennrecipes on Instagram to show us your Super Bowl Quidditch pics!


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