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Nerdist Playlist: What If The Hunger Games Were An ’80s Franchise?

I love The Hunger Games; you love The Hunger Games; he, she, it loves The Hunger Games. At this point, it is pretty irrefutable that the Young Adult Fiction novel about a young heroine named Katniss Everdeen has transcended a successful movie franchise and become a millennial touchstone narrative about the psychological and physical agency of young women. Sure, sometimes the movie can err a bit on the sappy side, but Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss is the sort of protagonist whose vulnerabilities make her real, not weak, and whose triumphs feel earned.

This got us thinking about other movies that ascended into the pop-culture zeitgeist and featured women protagonists emerging triumphant in the face of imminent eradication. Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley from Alien (’79) was the instinctive parallel to drawthe movie was arguably radical for de-emphasizing her gender and treating her solely as our protagonist. And as the Aliens franchise followed a meteoric trajectory throughout the ’80s, Weaver’s Character became iconic by the third installment in ’92.

This made us curious: What if the The Hunger Games franchise also took off in the 80s? Would it look like a hybrid of Blade Runner and The Breakfast Club? Would there be a training montage? And perhaps most importantly, what would be on the soundtrack? Would it be soapy, histrionic, serious, or all of the above? Team Nerdist took a stab at it below and included some of our favorite classics (“More Than This”), some compulsory anthems (“Eye Of The Tiger”), and some sleepers . Enjoy below and let us know what you think would be on the ’80s Hunger Games playlist in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. Petnzme says:

    Oh! and your view of the 80s…is crap

  2. petnzme says:

    The Cure….A Forest 12″ Ep
    Echo and the Bunnyman …Killing Moon
    Blamange Blind Vision 12″ Ep
    Gary Numan My Dying Machine 12″ Remix
    Visage…..Fade To Grey..
    Simple Minds..Love Songs
    Ryuichi Sakamoto Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence
    Cocteau Twins …Song to the Siren
    New Order Blue Monday 12″ Ep 1988
    SouixseSioux and The Banshees..,.. Spellbound
    Martha Davis and The Motels … Total Control
    A Flock of Seagulls …Space Age Love Songs 12″ Ep
    Frankie Goes to Hollywood ..The Power of Love 12″ Ep extended Mix

  3. Jseeiac Tervros says:

    No way!  My wife sits at home for free, please tell me more!!!