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Nerdist Officially Launches on Vessel: Here’s Where to Find Us

By now, you’re likely aware that in addition to this very website, you can enjoy your burrito on YouTube, Xbox, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr. But what if you don’t want to wait to get your sweet daily dose of video content? What if you want it before everyone else? Surely, there has to be a better way, right? Well, now there is — it’s called Vessel, and we’re all over it like a nice salsa verde on a wet burrito. (Or guacamole inside a dry burrito depending on how you roll.)

Vessel is a new premium video service that allows you to support your favorite content creators, and in return you get access to their videos before anyone else. For example, say you love Nerdist Presents or Because Science or Nerdist: Play or The Dan Cave. If you sign up for Vessel, you’ll get a full 48 hour head start on the rest of the world. Think of all the power that’ll be coursing through your veins when you watch Kyle Hill drop some serious knowledge about how to build a Death Star two full days before anyone else. It’s essentially like joining the Illuminati, but without all those pesky blood sacrifices and arcane rituals. In fact, let’s go ahead right now and start calling you early adopters out there the Illuminerdy.

Jessica Chobot and Kyle Hill will explain everything you need to know in the video above, but there’s plenty of reasons to clamber aboard this bandwagon now. If you sign up within the first 72 hours of Vessel’s launch, you will get a year’s subscription for free! So go ahead and treat yo’ self by joining your favorite Nerdist personalities on the good ship Vessel. We’ll be there bright and early. As in 48 hours early. See you there.

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  1. alphabet poop says:

    They’ll be “throwing up kyle’s show.” Yes, cause that’s all anyone can do with that show. Get it? Kyle sucks. Because science? Really? I didn’t know it was so easy to monetize or trademark literally everything. Can’t wait for his dessert themed cooking show titled, “chill bro.” Or how bout a coding show called “basic bitch.”

  2. Olivia Maund says:

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  3. Foxdragon says:

    All signed up and got a year free! I can’t wait to see u guys at wondercon!