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Nerdist News

Nerdist News: X-MEN Spin-offs, FARSCAPE Updates, and Joss Whedon’s Newest Film

Welcome back from Coachella/Wondercon/Easter/Game of Thrones weekend, everyone! We had a phenomenal time meeting you all in person in Anaheim this weekend — special thanks to those of you who came to our panel on Saturday  — but now it’s back to business as usual, and boy do we have a killer show for you today.

It’s a movie-heavy Nerdist News today as we kick things off with Rockne O’Bannon’s weekend confirmation of a Farscape movie (did I mention you can watch Farscape webisodes on the Nerdist Channel?), then mosey on over to the ever-expanding Whedonverse for the surprise announcement that the Joss Whedon-written-and-produced film In Your Eyes is available now on VOD for $5. Last, but not least, we’ve got some juicy tidbits from the Wondercon floor including DC co-publisher Jim Lee’s thoughts on what Batman’s next 75 years hold in store, and which X-Men story Days of Future Past writer/producer Simon Kinberg wants to see in a standalone film. And be sure to stay tuned to find out about something exciting coming your way from Nerdist and TeeFury!

What do you think of today’s top stories? What X-Men arc would you most like to see get its own film?

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  1. Richard says:

    Never too old for Benny Hill

  2. SauceBoss says:

    Using Yakety Sax to close just made my day!

  3. DJ Kento says:

    Old Man Logan just won’t work as well as it would at Marvel Studios. Most of that story’s key driving moments are impactful because they’re a twist on the characters we know from the past. Spider-Man’s daughter being a thief and a murderer, the new kingpin, venom symbiote on a dinosaur… there alone you need Sony’s permission

    Then you have the main villain of Red Skull, the great Iron Man armor moment in the last act, cap’s shield, and not to mention that Wolverine does this entire thing with the help of a blind Hawkeye (who drives).

    Not to mention that Wolverine’s real introduction in comics was to fight hulk, so ending it with Hulk was kind of poetic and then moving from the Unforgiven formula into the start of a Lone Wolf and Cub style story was really quite cool.

    I can’t imagine this story with only the X-Men villains… and villains that have never been properly handled at fox. Lets face it, we don’t care about Sabertooth, Toad, or any of the other characters because Fox has NEVER made them interesting. They never took the time to make the X-Men universe have a character as strong as Loki or The Winter Soldier or even Emil Blonsky…