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Hey friends, and welcome to the fresh new look of Nerdist! You like?

On today’s episode of Nerdist News we’re dousing you in a liter of pop culture goodness. We’ve got word on just when you’ll get another look at the new Star Wars Battlefront, a reveal of two surprising Pokemon remakes in the works, the announcement of a big-budget feature film Power Rangers reboot, and of course your weekly Pull List with Dan Casey!

Enjoy today’s show and our new site, check back tomorrow for another episode, and let us know in the comments below if you think a modern Power Rangers re-do is a good idea!

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  1. Michael says:

    Power Rangers reboot is great news!!!

  2. FatSpartan says:

    Jason David Frank better be involved in this one way or another!

  3. My 5 years old son Stan is gonna love the Power Ranger News !

  4. Craig says:

    A part of me hates myself for pointing this out, but the morpher photoshopped on Jessica’s wrist in the thumbnail is from the wrong Power Rangers series… It’s the zeo morpher from PR Zeo not the original Mighty Morphin.

  5. Aaron says:

    no i dont think it should fail the show first came out in august of 93 i was 1 year old at the time and i still watch till this day im 22 years old now and if this movie does come out im definately gonna go see it

  6. Alan Wan says:

    Hopefully, they won’t hire Michael Bay to direct Power Rangers!! He already destroyed the transformers franchise, TNMT (doesn’t look that good).

  7. Nicholas Fruin says:

    I think that Saban should bring JDF as the 6th ranger

  8. Scott says:

    i vote Jessica Chobot as the Pink Ranger

  9. Henrik says:

    Hell yeah MMPR THE NEW SERIES ARE TERRIBLE BRING BACK THE CLASSIC IS JDF gunna be involved, that would be dope original green ranger back kicking ass and taking names

  10. Herve Shango says:

    i’m loving the new web 

  11. Mike says:

    New Power Rangers would be cool if it’s more gritty and adult. More to do with Intergalactic Overlords and gnarlier fight scenes. Here’s hoping!

  12. Jess says:

    I must have also caused a disturbance in the Force. My recently updated ringtone is the Power Rangers communicator! Coincidence? I THINK NOT! 

  13. Andy says:

    All the news today…gives me so many…FEELINGS!!!

  14. Johnny says:

    Kind of weird to be getting a reboot instead of just making a film based on the latest Power Rangers series.  I guess they want some of that “Transformers” type money from 90’s kids.