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Nerdist News

HARRY POTTER Spin-Off and Ride Updates

Happy Hump Day, friends! We’re gonna get through it together. I promise. Y’know what’ll help? A heaping helping of Nerdist News!

On today’s show, we’ve got a release date for the first Harry Potter spin-off movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a new look at the upcoming Escape from Gringotts ride, a director for Star Trek 3, a trailer for Shinji Aramaki’s reboot of Appleseed, and of course, your weekly Pull List with Dan Casey! Yeah, that’s right. We’re newsin’ hard today.

Enjoy the show, come back and see us again tomorrow, and don’t forget to leave a comment for our Godzilla Week prop giveaway! Tell us what your first move would be if Godzilla came a-stompin’ through your city and you can win a military backpack or some rad goggles from the set! Don’t forget to let us know which you’d prefer!

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  1. Joe says:

    Backpack. I would gather friends and family and find out what on Earth Happened!

  2. Cotter Layton says:

    Please!!!!! I am a huge fan of not only Nerdist News but also Godzilla!!!! That backpack is so swag!!!!! I would distract Godzilla with my amazing legs to save everyone else.

  3. Cotter Layton says:

    I am a huge Godzilla fan!!! I would love to have the backpack!! If Godzilla came through my neighborhood I would drive straight for Jessica Chobot’s house, save her, call upon Mothra, and all three of us would kick major ass!!!!!

  4. Ryan McGee says:

    I would really like the Goggles please!! and if Godzilla attacked my city I would put a fake mustache on him because nothing is scary with a fake mustache

  5. Felipe Soto says:

    The backpack and I would try to find where gojira is and take a selfie post it on instagram then find safety

  6. Perseus says:

    Goggles are coooool. If Godzilla attacks my town I would take my Medusa head and show it to him!! 

  7. Jawn says:

    I like those goggles but i would prefer that backpack. If GODZILLA would attack my town I would run to it and hug it!!!

  8. Bert says:

    I would like the goggles. If Godzilla attacked, I would summon Mothra to defeat him. I would need a pair of Japanese twin girls, a multilingualvocal coach, and a shrink ray. 

  9. I would love the goggles! I grew up watching Godzilla. Anyway, if the big guy showed up, I would follow him around. He is a protector after all. Worst case scenario I would show him Godzilla (1998) and point him in the direction of Roland Emmerich.

  10. Luis says:

    the goggles. i would go find bryan cranston and work side by side . but ill be needing the goggles first

  11. I would love the backpack!  Also, if Godzilla attacked my neighbour, I would take a selfie with it, upload it to Instagram, then get the hell out there as fast as I could. Hopefully Aaron Taylor Johnson would save me. #ButFirstLetMeTakeASelfie

  12. Anna says:

    those sweet goggles 8 ) If Godzilla would attack my neighborhood my first move would be to move away from the city to the countryside. Godzilla seems like a city dweller.

  13. niels michiels says:

    The backpackAnd if godzilla would attack my city i would ask him that he first destroys all the politicians before everything else.Then i would just go to the hill next to the city put down a barcalounger and enjoy the mayham below.

  14. DL Oakes says:

    I’m all in for the backpack. And when Godzilla hits my neighborhood, I’ll be throwing my irritating neighbor from across the street right in his path!!

  15. If Godzilla started rampaging, I’d probably try to get hold of the kid from Gamera… Monsters seem to like him for some reason… Oh, and I’d like the backpack as well; a bit more useful in day to day life, zombie apocalypses, monster attacks, camping trips, you name it.

  16. Dani Flores says:

    If Godzilla attacked, I would transformed into Mega-Chuck Norris and kick his ass and then take out Chobot for a drink 😉

  17. Dani Flores says:

    If Godzilla attacked, I would transformed into Mega-Chuck Norris and kick his ass and then take out Chobot on a date

  18. Green goggles!
    I would totally ride on Godzilla’s back while gently petting one of his scales… 

  19. Zane says:

    If I was getting attacked by Godzilla I would pick up my girlfriend and family and get out of town! I want the backpack goggles would be cool too.

  20. Alex T. says:

    goggles- ransack every store of their Sriracha, it’s going to be rare commodity of course.