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Relive Comic-Con 2018 with Everything You Missed at Nerdist House

Over the last five days, you may have heard that we took over Sparks Gallery in the bustling Gaslamp district of downtown San Diego for Nerdist House, a non-stop Comic-Con extravaganza. From Thursday morning to Sunday afternoon, Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, and Alpha (our premium streaming service) invited fans to come hang out in our air-conditioned space, grab a free drink or a snack, meet their favorite creators, and much more.

Alpha members were granted priority access to the festivities, including live discussions and shows with folks like Infinity War‘s Paul Bettany, Stargate and God of War‘s Chris Judge, and Mythbuster‘s Kari Byron. Plus, we hosted an Alpha Book Club wine mixer and the Bizarre States 200th episode party to close out the con!

Now, if you weren’t at Comic-Con this year, don’t worry. You can watch our Nerdist House content on Alpha right now! Not a member yet? Sign up using the code SDCC18 and you get 90 days free. But don’t wait too long; that code expires after Wednesday, July 25th.

Because we love you, here’s everything you may have missed from Nerdist House 2018.


Nerdist News Talks Back Live: 6 Big Questions for Comic-Con 2018
Jessica Chobot (Nerdist News, Bizarre States), Dan Casey (The Dan Cave, Natural Selection), Kyle Hill (Because Science, Muskwatch), and Rachel Heine (Alpha Book Club) break down what they’re hoping to see at this year’s convention. Were they right or wrong? Find out and watch here.

SONA: A New Series from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries’ Ashley Clements
Join Ashley Clements (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries) and Brendan Bradley, the team behind the new series SONA, for a look inside the inspiration and creation of a home made sci-fi show. (No, really, they built a spaceship in an apartment.)

When Lieutenant Belyn Sona, a United Earth Space Corps officer, has to choose between her alien husband and her home planet, she has no option but betrayal. Trapped in an escape pod with no knowledge of her husband’s whereabouts, Sona is forced to reckon with what truly matters, and what it takes to survive. Watch the discussion here!

Alpha Comic Book Club Live with DC Comics
Hosts Hector Navarro and Ashley Esqueda sit down with DC Comics creators Zoe Quinn (Goddess Mode), Robbi Rodriguez (Goddess Mode), Tom King, and Mitch Gerads (Heroes in Crisis) to chat about their upcoming projects, favorite comics, getting into the business, and more. Learn more from the experts here! 

SuperheroIRL! A Real-Life Justice League (AKA: Don’t Be a Douche)
Captain America knocked out Hitler, and SuperheroIRL is knocking out bullying, racism, misogyny, LGBTQ-bullying and cyberbullying! Pop Culture Hero Coalition creator Chase Masterson — along with executive director of Random Acts, Inc. Rachel Miner (Supernatural); Superhero Therapy author Dr. Janina Scarlet; Nerdist News writer Aliza Pearl (Shield of Tomorrow); Under the Mask’s Dr. Andrea Letamendi; NOH8 campaign founders Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley; and DCTV writer/producer Deric Hughes — breaks down strategies to end injustice. Check it out here.

Nerdist News Talks Back Live: Doctor Who, Predator, and More
To close out the first day of Comic-Con, Nerdist director Andrew Bowser (Welcome to the Shadow Zone), Aliza Pearl, and associate editor Kyle Anderson (Form Podcast) chat with Jessica Chobot about Doctor Who‘s fresh start, Shane Black’s Predator reboot, and more. Watch it here! 

Natural Selection: Pokémon Evolution vs. Human Evolution Live from SDCC

Which is cooler: Pokémon evolution or evolutions found in humans? Gather your gym badges and brush up on your type weaknesses, because this argument will finally be put to rest. Host Dani Fernandez, guest judge Jessica Chobot, and the Alpha community will vote to decide the winner. Find out who reigns victorious here! 


Nerdist News Talks Back: Talking Infinity War with Paul Bettany
Markeia McCarty from Nerdist and Geek & Sundry sits down with the Vision himself, Paul Bettany, to break down the saddest deaths, best moments on set, and more from Avengers: Infinity War! Grieve our favorite heroes with us right here.

Deadpool Creator Rob Liefield Talks about the Merc With A Mouth
A conversation with Deadpool creator Rob Liefield (The New Mutants, X-Force). Dive into it here.

Stargate Discussion with Chris Judge
Best-selling author and mega-Stargate fan, Sam Maggs, (The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy and the upcoming Girl Squads) explores the worlds of Stargate with Chris Judge (God of War), Tony Amendola (Stargate SG-1), Kieran Dickson (Editor of Stargate Command), and Darren Sumner (founder of GateWorld). Watch them geek out about the Stargate universe here! 

Nerdist News Talks Back Live with Geoff Johns
DC Entertainment President and Chief joins Dan Casey to chat about his 22nd Comic-Con, everything coming up with DC Entertainment, and why he loves the fans. (And yes, he explains Robin’s “F*** Batman” from the Titans trailer.) Get a sneak peek of DC’s future here.

Because Science Live from San Diego Comic-Con
Nerdist Science Editor and host of Because Science, Kyle Hill, takes your nerdy science questions and answers them live! Have a curious conundrum from pop culture that you’ve always wanted solved? A mystery you’ve always wanted explained? Get all the answers at Nerdist House.

Talkin’ Toons Live with Maurice LeMarche & Randy Rogel
Rob Paulsen, one of the most accomplished and well-known voice actors of our time (Animaniacs, TMNT, Rick and Morty, and many more), is joined by Maurice LaMarche (Pinky and the Brain, Futurama) and Randy Rogel (songwriter and composer for Animaniacs) to talk about the world of Animaniacs, sing classic hits, and premiere new music. Watch the gang sing Pinky and the Brain songs live here!

Geek & Sundry Takeover!
You love Nerdist! But did you know you also love Geek & Sundry? You should see G&S’s presentation when we took over the Nerdist House at SDCC! Join Eric Campbell, Erika Ishii, B. Dave Walters, Becca Scott, Jake Bennett, and Daryl Crittenden as they discuss Geek & Sundry’s past, present, and future –all in a panel moderated by Sax Carr. Hang out with the G&S crew here.

Geek & Sundry Horror
Geek & Sundry has revolutionized the horror genre by mixing it with tabletop game play to create shows such as We’re Alive: Frontier, Sagas of Sundry: Dread, and Sagas of Sundry: Madness. But how exactly do they transfer the story from the table to the screen? Well now you can find out! Follow Gamemaster Ivan Van Norman as he leads a game of Dread to transform your choice of a happy, innocent children’s fairy tale into a twisted, terrifying not-so-innocent tale of horror with players Xander Jeanneret, Amy Dallen, Josh Petersdorf, Anjali Bhimani, and Denise Pantoja. Watch it here…. If you dare!


Lost in Space Panel
Dan Casey sits down with Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, the writers of Legendary TV and Netflix’s Lost in Space reboot, to chat about the new modern family, exploring space, and of course, that sexy robot. Watch the breakdown here.

Game Engine Discussion
Hosts Erika Ishii and Trisha Hershberger bring their gaming-and-tech show to you live from the Shadow of the Tomb Raider event at Comic-Con! They chat with the voice of Lara Croft (Camilla Luddington), and even have some surprise animal guests. Check out their adventure here.

Nerdist News Talks Back Live: Warner Bros Comic-Con Panel
Aliza Pearl, Rachel Heine, and Dan Casey join Jessica Chobot to break down all the trailers from Warner Bros’ Hall H panel, including Aquaman, Shazam, and Godzilla 2. And yes, they were all surprisingly… great? Watch their reactions here.

Nerd and Tell with Kyle Hill
Join Kyle Hill and his friends Kari Byron (MythBusters, White Rabbit Project), Dianna Cowern (The Physics Girl) and Alan Pan (MythBusters: The Search) as they share stories about the most mind-blowing things they’ve learned or discovered that they simply can’t keep to themselves. Why? Because Science! Nerd out with them here.

Orbital Redux: Live Sci-Fi with Yuri Lowenthal
Join us for a very meta introduction to the world of Orbital Redux as actor Yuri Lowenthal (star of Spider-Man, for PS4), gets in character as ex-NASA Astronaut Max Levodolinsky to recruit you for the future in a very special XED chat. Enjoy a taste of what goes on behind the scenes in a completely live-action, live-streamed science fiction production as Max covers the history of space travel before and after the global disasters of the 2030s.  Watch the madness here!

Nerdist News Talks Back Live about Glass, Venom, and Deadpool
Andrew Bowser, Nerdist director/producer Jason Nguyen, and Dan Casey grill Jessica Chobot about hosting the Sony Hall H panel, which included sneak peeks at Venom (and Tom Hardy). Plus, the trailer for Glass has finally arrived! Get the backstage scoop with them here.


Nerdist News Talks Back Live: Who Won Comic-Con 2018?
The gang breaks down everything we saw and did at Comic-Con this year. Rachel Heine, Dan Casey, and Kyle Hill return to select the winner of Comic-Con and share some of their favorite moments with Jessica Chobot. Say farewell to another SDCC with the gang here.

Of course, we weren’t just at Nerdist House this Comic-Con! We were all over the convention center covering the latest and greatest that this year’s con had to offer. Check out everything we learned about the lighter new DCEU, the wonderfully charming 13th Doctor, The Clone Wars revival, and more here.

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