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Nerdist Comics Panel #30: Listeners Questions Answered

Len Wein, Heath Corson, and Ben Blacker answer questions submitted by listeners, including comic works that are the apex of the medium’s storytelling, debates about creator credit, and work habits.

Have questions you want answered on the podcast? Leave them on the Nerdist Writers Panel Facebook page:

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  1. Cass says:

    I’ve got a question. How come in the big names (Marvel, DC) you never see new heroes that often? I understand it could get pretty crowded, but it almost seems like all of the characters being written about have all been around for at least 30 years! Just curious.

  2. Ian Brill says:

    I’ve been going over a few past episodes and have really been enjoying the show. You mention how you haven’t had any artists on yet, and I’m glad you pointed that out because I think bringing in more artists will be a great opportunity for the show. In a lot of comic discussions, even some of the discussions on this podcast, the contributions of artists aren’t examined as much as those of the writers. I just saw this article that does a great job of pointing out that problem, and how to fix it:

  3. amysrevenge says:

    I’m continuing to enjoy this show. Len Wein is such a character – the other regular hosts are great too, but Len is a force of nature.