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Nerdist Comics Panel #26: 2013 in Review

Len Wein (creator of Wolverine and lots more), Adam Beechen (Hench), Ben Blacker (Thrilling Adventure Hour), and Heath Corson (Justice League: War) discuss the year in comics — the big stories, their favorite books and writers.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Anyone here read Nowhere Men? It is by far the freshest take on superheroes last year produced. And it in came through the backdoor of its “what if “the beatles” were a company of genius scientists” premise. Its so damn layered, read Nowhere Men!

    And Prophet this year moved way beyond it’s rip-van-winkle superhero in space premise into an almost Jodorowsky level of space barbarian psychedelia. Read Prophet before it’s gone!

  2. Johnmsilverman says:

    Supes has killed before in the comics, unfortunately… And he did kill Zod in the post crisis incarnation… The problem wasn’t that he killed zod… It was that he was SO broken up about that, but didn’t notice as he most likely killed hundreds or thousands of people as they messed up all of downtown metropolis… Superman would never be so careless…

  3. Hunter says:

    Why the Marvel focus i can name 3 DC books as fun as any Marvel books with minimal cross over. Green Arrow since issue 17, Swamp Thing since issue 19 and Aquaman written by Johns and now Jeff Parker. O and did you guys read Flash since the reboot began? Thats a fun run too.

  4. J. Smith says:

    1. Man of Steel was the best Superman movie ever made.

    2. In Superman 2, Superman killed Zod and his pals. Don’t tell me Superman doesn’t kill. He has killed in the comics. There are times when he has no choice.

    Hell he ‘kills’ Batman because the President told him to.

    I honestly loved that movie.

    • Gordon says:

      For my part, I  hated the movie. Though I think the Zod killing worked. I mostly wish they had included any buildup or repercussions, i.e. him demonstrating that he has qualms about killing before the deed, or him saying at some point afterwards that he’ll never kill again. 
      My big issue was the lack of human emotions involved in the piece, which is EXTREMELY important to telling a good Superman story. Jor-El was concerned about the future of the kryptonian race at the beginning of the movie, not the fate of his only son. Pa Kent was worried over what a Big Deal Clark revealing himself would be, not the loneliness he hoped to protect him from. Superman was engaged with the demolition of the planet, not the trapped and terrified people in the building he was smashing through. You might argue that it’s a fine line between big picture and small picture, but as they say, one death is a tragedy and a million deaths is a statistic. Aside from Zod near the end, nobody FELT anything. They just thought things, which I thought robbed the movie of having a heart.

  5. gary says:

    For Len Wein:

    The Unproduced Batman Musical:

    “Angels Arise” is such a great song for a musical that will never happen about Batman. is a place you can find more music.